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Australian School of Business Information and Assistance

For Undergraduate Students

Who Can Help?
If you require advice about enrolment, degree requirements, progression within programs or any other general matters, contact the Student Centre, Ground Floor, West Wing, Australian School of Business Building (Map E12): telephone (02) 9385 3189

Office Hours:
During Orientation Week, Week 1 and Week 2 of each session:
Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 6.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 5.00 pm
All other weeks:
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday 8.30am - 6.00pm

For specific information and advice about academic course content, contact the appropriate schools/teaching units.

Australian School of Business website

Please refer to the Australian School of Business website for further information:

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of courses can be found in this Online Handbook.

Computer Information

The Australian School of Business has a number of computer laboratories located in the Quadrangle Building, all of which are equipped with Pentium machines. More detailed information is available in the 'Business IT Guide' on the Australian School of Business website.

Education Development Unit

In pursuit of the Business School's vision to be the leading business faculty in the Asian region, the Education Development Unit (EDU) provides support, development and leadership for both staff and students in the area of education quality and innovation. The EDU supports students within the Business School in the development and enhancement of their academic skills, by providing a range of strategies including:
  • Transition program - Prior to commencement of studies, a one-day program is offered to all undergraduate students within the Business School to prepare them for the first important weeks at university by developing knowledge of individual learning styles and deeper learning approaches to academic subjects.
  • Orientation programs - Offered for both undergraduates and postgraduates, the programs introduce students to teaching and learning approaches, learning expectations, strategies for successful study, and provide opportunities to meet staff and students within the Business School.
  • Discipline-specific resources and activities - The EDU works with academic staff from different disciplines to develop workshops and resources relevant to specific disciplines.
  • Academic skills workshops - Provided throughout each session, these workshops are free and specifically for the Business School students. Topics include referencing, reading critically, essay and report writing, case analysis, presentation skills, working in groups, and exam preparation.
  • Resources and handouts - Available both in print and online, resources include handouts on academic skills and a range of other topics for the Business School students.
  • Consultations - Confidential individual or small group consultations regarding any learning issues are offered to all Business School students.
Students visiting the EDU may wish to talk to staff about their learning, their language needs and improving their academic performance. Students can collect or borrow appropriate support materials, find out about workshops or make appointments for a one-hour consultation. For further information, visit the EDU website, or drop in at the EDU Learning Assistance Centre, Ground Floor, West Wing, Australian School of Business Building (Map E12) or phone: (02) 9385 5584.

Assumed Knowledge

The Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology and all combined programs offered by the Australian School of Business assume students to have achieved a prescribed standard in Mathematics at the Higher School Certificate or equivalent. More details are available from the Admissions Office.

Course Timetables

Undergraduate course timetables are available to students via the UNSW Class Timetable website

Enrolment Procedures

Enrolment information for undergraduate students of the Australian School of Business can be found at


Additional information on examinations and assessment, rules and restrictions, is included at myUNSW.

For courses under the control of the various schools in the Faculty, the published grade will be determined on the basis of a composite mark which will include, on a weighted basis, the results of the final examination, other prescribed examinations, essays and assignments. The exact method of weighting the components of the composite mark may differ from course to course, but students are advised of the weighting at the commencement of each session.

Supplementary Examinations
Students may be required to sit for an oral and/or written supplementary examination, which will normally be held in the two weeks preceding the commencement of Session 2 or in December/January. In general, this opportunity will only be offered to a student who has been prevented from taking an end of session examination or who has been placed at a serious disadvantage during the examination and whose circumstances have improved considerably in the period since the examination was held.

Use of Calculators

The Australian School of Business advises all students to equip themselves with a portable electronic calculator, preferably one which possesses, in addition to the four basic arithmetic functions, those involving discounting and present value calculations.

These calculators should be a valuable study aid in expediting the routine aspects of assigned practical exercises throughout the year in many courses. Such calculators may also be permitted, subject to the discretion of individual examiners, in examinations for courses taught in the Australian School of Business.

Undergraduate Information

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