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 General Education


This page will be used to publicise news about courses offered in the General Education program.

COFA's Online General Education Courses
July 10 2005
COFA Online and General Education Course logos
The Faculty of the College of Fine Arts has established a portfolio of online courses which are offerred within the University' General Education program. The courses are available to all eligible students and should be of interest to Kensington campus students.
All courses are offered fully online via the internet and do not require attendance at the Paddington campus.
An attractive poster has been designed to publicise the courses which will soon appear on both Sydney campuses. You can see a copy here.
To find out more, follow any of the links in the accompanying logo, or search for General Education courses by faculty on the Online Handbook using the button below.
The College of Fine Arts web site has more information.
View general education courses
UNSW requires that undergraduate students undertake a structured program in General Education as an integral part of studies for their degree.

The University believes that a general education complements the more specialised learning undertaken in a student's chosen field of study and contributes to the flexibility which graduates are increasingly required to demonstrate.

Employers also repeatedly point to the complex nature of the modern work environment and advise that they highly value graduates with the skills provided by a broad general education, as well as the specialised knowledge provided in more narrowly defined degree programs.
The General Education Program at UNSW intends to broaden students' understanding of the environment in which they live and work and to enhance their skills of critical analysis.

The University's basic requirements are the same for students in all single degree programs. Students must:
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(1) satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 units of credit in General Education courses or their equivalent (unless otherwise entitled to exemption - see below). Combined undergraduate degrees offered with another faculty and leading to the award of two degrees satisfy the first requirement (12 units of credit in General Education) within the program.

(2) undertake additionally 56 hours of study which examines the purposes and consequences of their university education and which fosters socially, ethically and professionally responsible behaviour. The extent to which individual programs meet this requirement varies from program to program. In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, for example, this requirement is satisfied in the BA degree through an ARTS3000 course. In some other degrees of the Faculty of Arts, it is distributed throughout the program. Most programs in the Faculty of the Built Environment fulfill the latter requirement as part of the normal program curriculum. However, in the case of both the BBCM and BSc(Arch) programs, students are required to take BENV1382, Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics.

Please note that some restrictions are placed upon students' choice of courses. Further information about what courses may and may not be taken to fulfill the General Education requirements for each degree program can be obtained from your Faculty office. For a list of all available courses, please refer to the link to General Education courses on this page.

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