Gifted Education - EDSTCS8910

Stream Summary

Faculty: ARTSC - Faculty of Arts&Social Science

School: School of Education


Program: 8910 - Education


Master of Education (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

This stream is offered in the Master of Education program, and is designed for teachers who would like to specialise in the field of gifted education. This rewarding stream in the MEd program focuses on contemporary issues involving gifted and talented students as well as the development of curricula and teaching strategies for their learning needs.

Stream Learning Outcomes

At the end of the stream, students should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the field of education as it relates to their specialist area of study, and the ability to synthesize and apply disciplinary principles and practices to new or complex environments
  2. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of research-based learning and the ability to plan, analyse, present implement and evaluate complex activities that contribute to advanced professional practice and/or intellectual scholarship in education
  3. Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
  4. Communicate effectively to a range of audiences, and be capable of independent and collaborative enquiry and team-based leadership
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of international perspectives relevant to the educational field
  6. Demonstrate an advanced capacity to recognise and negotiate the complex and often contested values and ethical practices that underlie education

Stream Structure

The program consists of the following eight courses (48 units of credit):

One compulsory course*:
*Unless students have completed an introductory course in gifted education or have substantial experience in the area, it is strongly recommended that they take the compulsory course prior to the study of any other gifted education courses.


Three from the following list of gifted education courses:

One research methodology course from the following list:

Two other elective courses offered by the School of Education

These may be any two courses offered in the School of Education, including the gifted education and research methodology courses noted above (i.e., students may take all of the non-compulsory gifted education courses or more than one research methodology course).

One or both of the two elective courses may be education courses outside the field of gifted education (e.g., educational leadership, special education, TESOL etc.)
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