Epidemiology - PHCMUS9045

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine

School: School of Public Health and Community Medicine


Program: 9045 - Public Health


Master of Public Health (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

Who should do this specialisation?

The Master of Public Health in Epidemiology specialisation will equip public health graduates with knowledge of the principles of epidemiology that underpin public health programs and policies. The specialisation will be aimed at public health students and professionals interested in learning the skills required to use epidemiological and biostatistical skills in their future careers and those wishing to begin the transition to a career in public health.

Stream Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use and purpose of epidemiological and biostatistical analyses in public health and medical research;
  • Demonstrate the ability to design an appropriate epidemiological study to answer a specific research question (RQ)
  • Demonstrate the ability to determine the most appropriate methods for analysing epidemiological data given the RQ and type of data available
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct appropriate analyses using a statistical package
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret the results from statistical analyses and write insightful conclusion from those analyses
These specialisation learning outcomes are in addition to the Master of Public Health program learning outcomes.

Stream Structure

Students will complete 48 UOC to meet the requirements of the program and specialisation and achieve all learning outcomes:

A. MPH core courses (18 units of credit)

B. Stream Defining Course (12 units of credit)
PHCM9517 and PHCM9518: (*) Pre-requisite PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics in Public Health


C. Two courses from the recommend stream electives (12 units of credit)

D. One more elective (6 units of credit) from a postgraduate course taught by SPHCM, or a project in an epidemiology-related topic or internship:

Stream Convenor

Dr. Bayzid Rahman
Tel: + 61 (2) 9385 8660
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