Social Research - PHCMVS9043

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine

School: School of Public Health and Community Medicine


Program: 9043 - Int Pub Health/Pub Health


Master of Public Health (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

Who should do this stream?

This Social Research specialisation is for anyone who wants to change public health and health policy for the better—even when change means political action or social change outside the healthcare system. Much medical and health research does not make a difference, because it stays in the medical journals. This degree will equip you to see the social and structural problems that prevent useful policy change, and find ways to address them.

The Social Research stream is available to students enrolled in the dual 9043 Master of International Public Health/Master of Public Health Program.

Stream Structure

Students must complete 72 units of credit as follows:
  • Four core courses (24uoc)
  • Three International electives (18uoc)

Specialisation Requirement courses (30 UOC):

Stream defining course (6 UOC)

Two courses from recommended Social Research methodology electives (12 UOC)

Two courses from recommended Social Research electives (12uoc)

Stream Convenor

Dr Niamh Stephenson (Social Research Convenor)
Tel: +61 (2) 9385 1281

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