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Marine Science & Management - 8270

Program Summary

Contact: School of BEES
Campus: Kensington Campus
Career: Postgraduate
Typical Duration: 1 Years
Typical UOC Per Semester: 24
Min UOC Per Semester: 6
Max UOC Per Semester: 24
Min UOC For Award: 48
Master of Marine Science and Management

Program Description

The Program is aimed at both domestic and international students interested in the interdisciplinary field of marine science and management. Topics in marine science including coastal management and engineering, climate change, marine ecology and conservation, physical oceanography and modelling. The Master of Marine Science and Management is a joint program between UNSW and three Sydney Institute of Marine Science partner universities. Students enrol in the program at UNSW, but complete two courses at two of the partner universities (meaning students will take courses from three universities in total), and a seminar series at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science at Chowder Bay (offered under MSCI6681).

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The objectives of the programs are:
  1. To give students a broad background in key discipline areas of marine science and management;
  2. To give students familiarity with cutting edge research in marine science and management;
  3. To allow for specialization in a discipline area of choice;
  4. To provide diversity of essential skills relevant to marine science and management and environmental science;
  5. To provide students with skills to interface effectively with policy makers, government and industry;
  6. To provide students with a platform to pursue further postgraduate research opportunities in a world class marine Institute.

Program Structure

Marine Science and Management is a 48 UoC coursework program. At UNSW, students undertake compulsory courses (24 UoC) and two electives (12 UoC). These can be taken in any order, full-time or part-time. Students take the other two electives (12 UoC) at two of the three SIMS partner universities (University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, and Macquarie University). To fulfil the program requirements students need to complete at least one course from three of the four core topics (Marine Biology / Biological Oceanography, Marine Geosciences / Coastal Engineering, Physical Oceanography / Marine Engineering, Environmental Management / Sustainability).

Program Rules

An applicant to a Postgraduate coursework program shall, as approved by the Program Authority:
  1. at entry, have met the requirements set out to be acceptable grounds for admission into the degree;
  2. normally, not attempt more than 24 UoC per semester;
  3. undertake courses and/or project/s and pass assessments as prescribed;
  4. if appropriate, articulate from Graduate Certificate into Graduate Diploma or Masters or from Graduate Diploma into Masters (at present GradDip and GradCert are early exit options only, however these may be offered for enrolling students at a late date);
  5. graduate within eight years from the commencement of the initial program;
  6. exit with a Graduate Diploma or a Masters program with a Graduate Certificate, or a Masters program with a Graduate Diploma, if that program requirement is satisfied before the completion of the intended program.
Compulsory Courses (24 UOC)
  • 18 UOC of core courses comprised of one course each from three of the following four streams:
Marine Biology / Biological Oceanography:
Marine Geosciences / Coastal Engineering:
Physical Oceanography / Marine Engineering:
Environmental Management / Sustainability:
  1. GEOS9012 Remote Sensing Applications runs through BEES5003 Topics in Geography
  2. Research projects are not to exceed 25 percent (12 UOC) of the total UOC studied under a coursework Masters program.

Elective Courses (24 UOC)
  • 12 UOC of electives chosen from any of the four streams at UNSW;
  • 12 UOC selected from the annual supplemental electives list and undertaken at two of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science partner universities (University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, and Macquarie University). For details of the courses available at each of the institutions, please click on the following links:

Academic Rules

The degree of Master of Marine Science and Management by formal coursework may be awarded by the Council to a candidate who has satisfactorily completed a program of advanced study. The criteria for students enrolling in the program is as follows:

    (1) A candidate for the degree shall:

        (a) have been awarded an appropriate degree of Bachelor of three full-time years duration (or the part-time equivalent) from the University of New South Wales or

        (b) a qualification considered equivalent from another university or tertiary institution at a level acceptable to the Postgraduate Coursework Education Committee of the Faculty (hereinafter referred to as the Committee)

    (2) An applicant who submits evidence of such other academic or professional attainments as may be approved by the Committee may be permitted to enrol for the degree.

    (3) If the Committee is not satisfied with the qualifications submitted by an applicant the Committee may require the applicant to undergo such assessment or carry out such work as the Committee may prescribe, before permitting enrolment.

Enrolment and Progression

    (1) An application to enrol as a candidate for the degree shall be made in the first instance using the online form by the application closing date. Where this is not possible the hard copy of the prescribed form may be obtained from Direct Admissions and submitted by the application closing date.

    (2) A candidate for the degree shall be required to undertake such formal courses including the submission of a report on a project, and pass such assessment as prescribed. The project shall be under the supervision of an academic staff member and shall be assessed by two examiners (for a major project).

    (3) The progress of a candidate shall be reviewed at least once a year by the Committee and as a result of its review the Committee may cancel enrolment or take such other action as it considers appropriate.

    (4) No candidate shall be awarded the degree until the lapse of two academic sessions from the date of enrolment in the case of a full-time candidate and four sessions in the case of a part-time candidate. The maximum period of candidature shall be four academic sessions from the date of enrolment for a full-time candidate, eight sessions for a part-time candidate, and ten sessions for an external candidate. In special cases an extension of these times may be granted by the Committee.


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