Architecture - 8143

Program Summary

Faculty: Built Environment

Contact: Built Environment

Campus: Sydney

Career: Postgraduate

Typical Duration: 2 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC For Award: 96


Master of Architecture

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Program Description

The Master of Architecture degree provides professional education in the practice and theory of architecture. It requires full time attendance for two years. It is designed to deliver an architectural education appropriate to contemporary multidisciplinary professional practice.

Building on the solid disciplinary foundation established by Bachelor of Architectural Studies in literacy and knowledge, as well as in comprehensive skills of architectural design, the Master of Architecture provides an opportunity for students to pursue one of four specialisation streams. These are listed under the Program Structure section below.

Pursuing a specialisation stream is optional, students can elect to complete the program without a specialisation.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The Program provides students with advanced knowledge and techniques in architectural design and related technical and academic knowledge. It prepares students to work in architecture and other design-based industries, and to operate at a professional level in the practice of Architecture. It also allows students to tailor their studies towards specific interests through the large range of elective offerings they may take within the Faculty.

Program Structure

If students elect to major in one of the above streams, in addition to fulfilling the core requirements of the existing MArch, one will need to complete 24 uoc (a suite of stream specific supporting courses as prescribed by the revised curriculum) plus 24 uoc of stream specific architectural design studios.

All students are required to take 18 uoc of electives chosen from any of the Faculty's postgraduate courses for which they meet any prerequisite requirements.

*Suggested Faculty Electives

Admission Requirements

Admission is available to students with a first degree from a nationally accredited undergraduate program (or equivalent) in Architecture, together with evidence of a capacity to consistently achieve grades at credit level or higher.

Applicants from international universities are required to provide a portfolio of their design work. The portfolio should include sample works from various stages of the applicant's undergraduate degree, text should accompany all drawings/images to explain the projects. The portfolio must be in digital format.

The different categories of eligible applicants and their specific admission requirements are outlined below:

1. 65 credit average (or equivalent) in applicant’s undergraduate architecture degree OR

2. A UNSW 70 high credit WAM across the following courses:
  • ARCH1311 Architectural Design Studio 5
  • ARCH1361 Architectural Science and Building Environment 2
  • ARCH1331 Architectural Fabrication
  • ARCH1302 Architectural Design Studio 6
  • ARCH1322 Architectural History and Theory 3
Applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree at another institution will be assessed on the basis of the final year compulsory courses in their undergraduate architecture degree OR

3. Applicants who have completed the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (or equivalent) but do not meet the entry requirements specified under either 1 of 2 above may be considered after they have obtained work experience in an architectural office. Work experience will be individually assessed based on the following submission:
  • A logbook record of a minimum 12 months full-time work or the equivalent.
  • A referee report from the employer
  • A portfolio of the work undertaken during this period
Applicants looking to commence studies in architecture should apply for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (3261) program

Academic Rules

1. The degree of Master of Architecture is awarded after the successful completion of a minimum of 96 units of credit.

2. To fulfil these requirements, students must complete:

• 30 units of core courses, being all those prescribed in the faculty regulations for this program.


• 48 units of a specialisation stream study plan (24UOC of streamed studio, 24UOC prescribed electives]


• 48 units consisting of 24UOC of Architectural Design Studio and 24UOC Core Elective courses.

• 18 units of FBE electives.

3. The standard duration of the program is 2 years consisting of 4 semesters of full-time study (24 units of credit per semester).

4. Students are not able to enrol in two design studios concurrently.


For information regarding fees for UNSW programs, please refer to the following website:  UNSW Fee Website.


Students may enter the program mid-year. At least one Architectural Design Studio must be completed before entering Graduation Research Studio. Graduation Research Studio and Graduation Major Design Studio must be taken sequentially and generally within the same year.

Professional Recognition

The Master of Architecture is accredited by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) for the purpose of registration, subject to the prescribed professional experience and examination requirements.

Students enrolled in the MArch program are eligible to become Student Members of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

Area(s) of Specialisation