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Program Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Campus: Sydney

Career: Postgraduate

Typical Duration: 1 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 12

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC For Award: 24


Graduate Certificate in Teaching

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Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching is designed to enable qualified practising secondary teachers to update and/or add an additional teaching area to their formal preservice teacher qualifications.

The teaching areas include: Aboriginal Studies; Business Studies; Dance, Drama; Economics; English; English as an Additional Language/Dialect; Geography; Graphics and Multimedia; History; Languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Spanish); Legal Studies; Mathematics; Music; Society and Culture; and Visual Arts.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

At the end of this program students should be able to:
  1. demonstrate a commitment to the education profession and an ability to reflect on and improve their own practice;
  2. demonstrate in–depth knowledge and skills in their specialist curriculum area(s) and the pedagogical implications;
  3. apply this knowledge and skill to teaching a range of secondary–age learners in their own context.

Program Structure

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching consists of four courses (24UOC): three core courses from the Graduate Certificate in Teaching program and one elective course from the Master of Education. The three core courses must include EDST5442 and two specific method courses from one teaching area:

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Any one elective course (6 UOC) from those courses offered each year in the Master of Education program, or, subject to approval by the Program Convenor, from other relevant Master’s level programs in the Faculty or University.

ARTS5503 Academic Writing for the Humanities (6 UOC)
ARTS5505 Personalised English Language Enhancement (6 UOC)

These courses, ARTS5503 and ARTS5505, can be taken as additional courses but will not count towards your program.

Entry Requirements

A recognised Bachelor degree and a postgraduate teaching qualification (e.g. Graduate Diploma of Education or Master of Teaching)


A four year pre-service teacher education qualification, including professional experience, equivalent to the qualifications required for Graduate teacher status in NSW.


At least four semester length units of approved disciplinary studies in the relevant teaching area.

Method Requirements
Teaching Specialisation
Second or Subsequent Method Requirements
A minor (two years of study, four semester long course with at least 2 of these at level (year) 2 or above)
At least 18 units of credit in English literature subjects and an additional 6 units of credit in English literature or media studies, communications or creative writing.
At least 24 units of credit in linguistics, with a specialisation in the English language.
At least 24 units of credit in history, in areas such as Australian history, contact and Aboriginal history, early modern history, historiography, modern history.
At least 24 units of credit in drama, including performance, production and theory.
At least 24 units of credit in geography.
Graphics and Multimedia Technology
At least 24 units of credit in graphic design or multimedia design including computer-aided design (CAD) and theoretical studies and practical applications in at least three of the following areas: architecture and architectural drawing (such as Australian), cabinet drawing, computer animation, engineering drawing, furniture drawing, landscape drawing, product and technical illustration.
At least 24 units of credit in a Language other than English, including the spoken and written language, beyond the HSC level.
Legal Studies
A minimum of 24 units of credit in legal studies, including Australian and international law.
At least 24 units of credit in economics.
Business Studies
At least 24 units of credit in business related studies including at least 6 units of credit in finance or accounting, 6 units of credit of business management and remaining units drawn from: business law, economics, human resource management, industrial relations, marketing.
Aboriginal Studies At least 24 units of credit in Aboriginal Studies in areas such as contact and Aboriginal history, anthropology, Aboriginal literature, Aboriginal language and linguistics.
Dance At least 24 units of credit in Dance studies, including all the following: history and analysis of dance, performance, with a technique base in modern/contemporary dance and ballet, applied anatomy, kinesiology, and composition/choreography. Vocationally oriented courses are not recognised as equivalent.
Society and Culture At least 24 units of credit in Social Sciences, including at least 6 units of credit in Sociology, and the remaining units drawn from: Aboriginal studies, anthropology, archaeology, Asian or Pacific studies, civics, cultural studies, government, history, media studies, philosophy, politics, psychology (only 6 units of credit may be counted), religion studies, and social communication.
Mathematics At least 24 units of credit in mathematics subjects (must include algebra and calculus). One course (6 units of credit) in statistics may be counted.
Music At least 24 units of credit including all of the following: musicological study (music history and analysis) in a range of musical styles, periods and genres with a strong component of contemporary and western art music, compositional techniques, music performance studies (a minimum of two years of music performance studies) and preferably Australian music. The study of music and music practice must be developed as a discrete discipline. Vocationally oriented courses are not recognised as equivalent.
Visual Arts At least 24 units of credit in visual arts including all the following: practical studies in 2 and 3 and/or 4 dimensional art forms, art theory/history (a minimum of one year), and studio art making practice (a minimum of one year). The study of visual arts must be developed as a discrete discipline. Vocationally oriented courses are not recognised as equivalent.

Credit Transfer

If you are seeking credit transfer you must submit documentary evidence of courses completed at the time of initial enrolment. The Faculty will then determine the number of units of credit to be granted. The maximum credit transfer is 12 UOC (50%). Credit transfer will not be granted for courses completed more than ten years previously.

Academic Rules

To qualify for the award of the degree, you must:
  1. Enrol in the Graduate Certificate of Teaching
  2. Complete the 24 UOC of advanced disciplinary courses


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Further Information

Not available to International applicants - not a full-time program.

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