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Framework of Commercial Law - ATAX0004

School:  Aus School of Tax and Bus Law
Course Outline: See below
Campus: ATAX Campus
Career: Undergraduate
Units of Credit: 6
EFTSL: 0.12500 (more info)
Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 0
Excluded: ATAX0104
CSS Contribution Charge:Band 1 (more info)
Further Information: See Class Timetable


This is a core course in the Atax program and deals with the basic principles of commercial law and in particular with the rules of contract. Selected aspects of the Trade Practices Act, agency, bills of exchange and cheques are also given special treatment. The course focuses on developing your understanding of how commercial law works in the business world.

Recommended Prior Knowledge


Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the legal aspects of commercial transactions and relationships
  • Discuss in detail the elements of an agreement and identify, from a given fact situation, whether a contract has been entered into
  • Identify the terms of a contract, including the law relating to implied terms both at common law and under selected statutes
  • Differentiate between a breach of a condition and a breach of a warranty and the remedies which apply in respect of each
  • Analyse the legal situation and identify what rights the parties have when there has been a breach of contract, or a contract has been frustrated
  • Explain the concept of damages and apply the principles to factual situations
  • Analyse problems arising in questions of agency and support your analysis with reasons supported by reference to principles and case law
  • Analyse what is meant by misrepresentation in forming a contract and solve practical problems involving this concept
  • Apply provisions of the Sale of Goods Acts and Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth) in solving practical legal problems involving selected statutory provisions
  • Explain the concept of negotiable instruments and solve simple problems based on this concept.

Main Topics

  • Protection by legislation
  • Contracts - the agreement
  • Contracts - termination, breach and ancilliary matters
  • Agency
  • Negotiable instruments


2 Assignments
1 Exam

Course Texts

Information regarding the Atax Textbook Lists for Semester 1 will be available on the UNSW Bookshop website from 1 February.

Information regarding the Atax Textbook Lists for Semester 2 will be available on the UNSW Bookshop website from 1 July.

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