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Arts - 3400

This Program is no longer accepting new enrolments

Program Summary

Campus: Kensington Campus
Career: Undergraduate
Typical Duration: 3 Years
Typical UOC Per Semester: 24
Min UOC Per Semester: 3
Max UOC Per Semester: 24
Min UOC For Award: 144
Bachelor of Arts (Major)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honours)

Program Description

Note: This program is no longer taking enrolments and has been replaced by the Bachelor of Arts (3403).

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program is the most flexible of the degree programs offered by the Faculty. The basic degree requirements are simple: an approved major stream from List A and a minimum level of study in other areas. Apart from that, you will have a great deal of freedom to 'focus' your degree, by choosing related courses to contribute to a particular specialisation, or to choose a wider range of courses that reflect diverse interests.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

An Arts degree is a pathway through a wealth of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. Its objective is to stimulate students intellectually; to immerse them in worlds of learning; and to graduate them as citizens with strong written and oral communications skills, the capacity to research, criticise and reflect, and the ability to work independently and collaboratively.

The Graduate Attributes for this Program are as follows:

  1. Understanding of the knowledge base of one or more disciplines or major fields of study.
  2. Ability to conduct research appropriate to at least one discipline
  3. Skills in oral and written communication
  4. Skills in critical analysis of knowledge claims
  5. Problem Solving Skills
  6. Time Management Skills
  7. Teamwork Skills
  8. An attitude of tolerance to alternative viewpoints concerning controversial issues and an ability to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these viewpoints.

Program Structure

The basic requirements for this Program are:

Single Mode (144 UOC) made up of:
  1. A Major Stream (42 UOC) from the range of specialisations in List A
  2. The Major Stream Capstone (6 UOC)
  3. A second Stream (36-42 UOC) from the range of specialisations in List B and C
  4. Free electives (48 UOC)
  5. General Education (12 UOC)
The Program is not offered in Dual Mode

Major Streams

Majors are offered in three Streams

List A (42 UOC)

  • Australian Studies AUST
  • Chinese Studies CHIN
  • Development Studies COMD
  • Education EDST
  • English ENGL
  • Environmental Studies ENVP
  • European Studies EURO
  • Film MEFT
  • French FREN
  • German Studies GERS
  • Greek GREK
  • History HIST
  • History and Philosophy of Science HPSC
  • Indonesian Studies INDO
  • Japanese Studies JAPN
  • Korean Studies KORE
  • Linguistics LING
  • Media, Culture and Technology MEFT
  • Music MUSC
  • Political Economy PECO
  • Philosophy PHIL
  • Politics and International Relations POLS
  • Sociology SOCA
  • Spanish and Latin American Studies SPAN
  • Theatre and Performance Studies MEFT
  • Women's and Gender Studies WOMS

List B (36-42 UOC)

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Cognitive Science
  • Jewish Studies

List C (36-42 UOC)

  • Art History and Theory
  • Biological Science
  • Computing
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology.

Major Stream Capstone

Students enrolled in this program no longer complete a HUMS3000 course. From S2, 2011, students complete the Capstone Course in their List A Major Stream

Free Electives

A Free Elective is any course offered either within or outside the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in which the student is able to enrol.

General Education

General Education is the completion of two courses (12 UOC) offered outside the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This requirement is met if a student is completing an External major or minor stream. In such a case the student has an additional 12 UOC of free electives.

Award with Distinction

High achieving students who secure a WAM of 75 across their program and who have completed at at least 48uoc of their program at UNSW are eligible for the award of their Pass Degree "with Distinction".


High achieving BA students may apply for entry to Honours. Honours is an additional year of study (two years part-time) which allows a student to further explore their depth studies. It involves seminars and the completion or a research project or thesis. Those students who are considering Honours should submit an expression of interest at the beginning of Level 3 and complete a formal application at the end of Level 3. Both should be submitted to the Stream Convenor or the Designated School or Stream Honours Convenor. Entry to Honours requires a WAM of 70 or higher in the stream(s) seeking to be further studied and is subject to resources and the approval of the Head of School in which the stream(s) is/are based. Honours is awarded in three classes (Class 1, Class 2 in two Divisions, and Class 3). If requirements for these classes are not met the Pass degree will be awarded if the student is not already a Graduate of the program.

Sample Program

Bachelor of Arts - Sample Program
(Example Only)
48 units of credit 
S1 Politics & IR (6)  Sociology (6) 
History (6) 
Spanish (6) 
S2  Politics & IR (6)  Sociology (6)  History (6)  Spanish (6) 
48 units of credit 
European Studies (6) 
Sociology (6)  History (6) 
Linguistics (6)
General Education (3) 
General Education (3) 
Sociology (6) 
Sociology (6) 
History (6)   
48 units of credit
European Studies (6)  
Sociology (6)   History (6)    Capstone (6)
General Education (3)  
General Education (3)
Sociology (6)
History (6)
History (6)
Total Required for BA -
144 units of credit
Major Sequence -
42 units of credit
Second Major Sequence -
42 units of credit

Academic Rules

Single Mode

To qualify for the award of the degree at Pass level, a student must:
  1. enrol in the Bachelor of Arts and complete 144 units of credit;
  2. complete the requirements for the first major stream (List A)
  3. complete the requirements for the second major stream (List B)
  4. complete only one external major
  5. complete the 6 UOC Capstone from their List A stream
  6. complete 48 UOC of Free Electives
  7. complete 12 UOC of General Education
  8. complete at least 30 UOC of Level I courses before enrolling in Level II courses
  9. specify their majors at the time of enrolment into Level II
  10. complete at least 24 UOC in their major stream before enrolling in Level III courses
  11. complete 120 UOC overall before enrolling in their stream(s) Capstone course


To qualify for the award of the degree with Honours, a Single award student must:
  1. be a Graduand or Graduate of the Bachelor of Arts
  2. hold a WAM of 70 or higher in those streams they are seeking to further study
  3. complete the List A and List B seminar coursework requirement for their area of study (18 UOC)
  4. complete a research project or thesis (30 UOC)


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Glossary of Terms

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Area(s) of Specialisation

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