UNSW Preparation Program 17-19 - 6115

Program Summary

Faculty: DVC (E) Board of Studies


Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 1 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC For Award: 36

UAC Code: 430110

Domestic Entry Requirements: See Domestic Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements

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Program Description

The UNSW Preparation Program (UNSWPrep 17-19) is an alternative entry pathway to undergraduate study at UNSW for educationally disadvantaged school leavers aged 17-19. It provides an opportunity for students with potential and an interest in tertiary education who have experienced educational disadvantage and who do not meet the entry requirements of their preferred Bachelor program at UNSW, and who meet the admission criteria listed below.

There are four streams in this program that enable entry to the following faculties upon successful completion of the program:
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Engineering,
  • Science
  • The Australian School of Business.
The preparation program is for entry to the UNSW programs listed above only.

UNSW Prep 17-19 has been designed to assess students’ academic potential and to provide a realistic and supportive environment within which the skills to manage university study can be developed effectively. Students enrol in a combination of academic skills courses, mathematical skills courses and relevant discipline-based courses depending upon their choice of stream.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

At the end of the program, students should have acquired all of the following graduate attributes:
  • The skills involved in scholarly enquiry
  • The capacity for anaytical and critical thinking and for creative problem solving
  • The ability to engage in independent and reflective learning
  • The capacity for enterprise, initiative and creativity
  • The skills required for collaborative and multidisciplinary work
  • The skills of effective communication
  • Information literacy: The skills to appropriately locate, evaluate and use relevant information

Program Structure

The program is offered in four streams, preparing students for university study in Arts, Science, Engineering and Business. The requirements for each stream are different. Students’ eligibility for admission to a University award program is assessed on completion of the course requirements for the relevant stream.
Semester 1
REGZ9075 Academic Skills 1
REGZ9075 Academic Skills 1
REGZ9075 Academic Skills 1
REGZ9075 Academic Skills 1
REGZ9077 Social Science Skills 1.
REGZ9070 Maths Skills 1.
REGZ9070 Maths Skills 1
REGZ9070 Maths Skills 1.
1 FASS Gateway course from prescribed Semester 1 list
A course from prescribed list
COMP1000 Introduction to World Wide Web, Spreadsheets and Databases
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations & People
Semester 2
REGZ9076 Academic Skills 2 Enabling
REGZ9076 Academic Skills2
ENGG0360 Communicating in Engineering
REGZ9076 Academic Skills 2
REGZ9078 Social Science Skills2 Enabling
REGZ9072 Maths Skills 2a Enabling OR two courses from prescribed list
REGZ9072 Maths Skills 2a Enabling OR MATH1011
REGZ9072 Maths Skills2 Enabling c
1 FASS course from prescribed Semester 2 list
PHYS1111 Fundamentals of Physics
MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals
Semester 3

Fundamentals of Mathematics B
a A student who obtains a Maths Skills 1 final mark of a distinction or higher may be permitted to enrol in MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B
bA student who completes REGZ9072 in Semester 2 will need to take Maths1011 in Semester 1 of the following year.
 A student who obtains a Maths Skills 1 final mark of a distinction or higher may be allowed to select an elective from a prescribed list available in REGZG1

Academic Rules

Please contact The Learning Centre for more information regarding the Academic Rules for this program.


For information regarding fees for UNSW programs, please refer to the following website:  UNSW Fee Website.


UNSWPrep 17-19 is not accepted for entry to the following programs at UNSW:
UNSW program
 UAC codes
 Medicinal Chemistry
 Medical Science
 Advanced Science
 Advanced Mathematics

To be eligible to undertake the program in 2016 you must:
  • be 17 years of age or over on 1 March 2016
  • be either an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or hold a current Australian Permanent Resident visa
  • be proficient in English. Proof of English language proficiency is required if your previous schooling was not completed in English. Students should read the English Requirements Policy for further information and contact the Admissions Office to check their eligibility for admission to UNSWPrep 17-19
  • not be concurrently enrolled in any other program of study
Information about Access Requirements is available here: