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Undergraduate Handbook

Courses by Subject Area

Architecture Program

Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV1042 World Wide Web in Presentation and Communication 6
BENV1043 Multimedia in Design Presentation 6
BENV1072 Design for Energy Efficiency 6
BENV1073 Sustainable Design and Practice 6
BENV1080 Enabling Skills and Research Practice 6
BENV1101 Design Fundamentals: Studio 1 8
BENV1141 Computers and Information Technology 3
BENV1242 Computer-Aided Design 3
BENV1341 Design Modelling and Visualisation 3
BENV1384 Design Research Methods 6
BENV2125 Photovoltaics in the Built Environment 6
BENV2133 Design Collaboration using a Building Information Model 6
BENV2201 Twentieth-century Australian Architecture 3
BENV2203 Introduction to 20th - century Japanese Architecture 6
BENV2204 Architecture and Consumer Society 6
BENV2205 Classical Architecture 3
BENV2206 Theory of Form 3
BENV2212 Architecture and Culture 6
BENV2213 Critical Perspectives on Twentieth Century Art and Design 3
BENV2214 History, Theory and Interpretation: Art and Architecture 6
BENV2222 Architectural Studies 1 2
BENV2223 Architectural Studies 2 3
BENV2224 Architectural Studies 3 6
BENV2226 Chinese Gardens 6
BENV2228 20th Century Architecture : Modernity to Deconstruction 6
BENV2231 Process in Architecture and Landscape 6
BENV2232 Thinking Through Drawings 1 6
BENV2233 Architectural Images 6
BENV2237 Thinking Through Drawings 2 6
BENV2238 Modern Architecture in India & Middle East 6
BENV2239 Cultural Pluralism in Modern European Architecture 6
BENV2240 Domestic Architecture in Islam and the Poetics of Space 6
BENV2241 The Culture of Materials 6
BENV2250 Glass in 20th-century Architecture 6
BENV2252 Chinese Architecture 6
BENV2253 Decorum in Architecture 6
BENV2301 Architectural Spatialisation 6
BENV2302 Painting and Design: Hybridity 6
BENV2303 Drawing and Design: Seeing, Thinking, Understanding 6
BENV2309 Exhibition 3
BENV2311 Digital Drawing Body Sculpture 6
BENV2313 Introduction to Architectural Photography 6
BENV2315 Architectural Model-Making 6
BENV2402 Design Modelling - Time Based Visualisation 6
BENV2404 CAD Management for Architects 3
BENV2405 Computer Graphics Programming 6
BENV2409 Advanced Multimedia 6
BENV2410 Advanced Webpage Design 6
BENV2417 Digital Production and Design of Poster Presentations 3
BENV2420 Building Modelling, Rendition and Presentation 6
BENV2421 Advanced Techniques using BIM 6
BENV2422 Parametric Design Using BIM 6
BENV2423 Real-Time Interactive Environments 6
BENV2425 Building Information Modelling 6
BENV2426 Experimental Modelling 6
BENV2427 Design Information Management 6
BENV2428 Modelling and Visualisation 6
BENV2701 Advanced Building Materials (Ceramics) 6
BENV2702 Advanced Building Materials (Organics) 6
BENV2703 Advanced Building Materials (Metals) 6
BENV2704 Advanced Construction Systems 3
BENV2712 Technology for Tropical Architecture 6
BENV2720 Introduction to Lighting and Acoustics 4
BENV2721 Lightweight Tropical Construction Project 6
BENV2722 Advanced Constuction Systems 6
BENV2724 Fabrication and Construction Workshop 6
BENV2812 Documentation Techniques for Major Buildings 6
BENV2903 Urban Design 6
BENV2904 Public Art 6
BENV2984 World Case Studies in Urban Design 6

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Building Construction Management Program

Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV1181 Intro to the Construction and Property Industries 6
BENV1192 Project Management 6
BENV1382 Social Responsibility and Professional Ethics 6
BENV2718 Construction Technology 4 (Industrialisation & Technological Change) 3
BENV2719 Housing Industry Practice 6
BENV2806 Organisational Behaviour 3
BENV2813 Construction Business Practice and Marketing 6
BENV2814 Real Property Law 6
BENV2815 Design Management in the Construction Industry 6
BENV2816 Construction Organisational Behaviour 6
BENV2817 Risk Management 6
BENV2985 Land Economics & Valuation 6
BENV2986 Property and Asset Management 6

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Built Environment

Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV2122 Modelling Sustainable Design 6
BENV2221 State of the Art: Contemporary Landscape Design 6
BENV2244 Materials and Their Symbolism 3
BENV2255 Architecture in Sydney 6
BENV2256 Theories in Architecture 6
BENV2318 Landscape Photography 3
BENV2320 Architectural Communications 6
BENV2321 Architectural Practice and Portfolio 6
BENV2403 Information Technology in Design and Construction 3
BENV2411 Urban Modelling 6
BENV2723 Multi Discipline Design Workshop 6
BENV2804 Construction Planning and Management 3
BENV2805 Project Management and The Design Process 6
BENV2949 Healthy Planning 6
BENV6000 The Dean's Honours Seminar 6

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Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV2101 Adaptive Re-Use 3
BENV2216 Interior Theory 6
BENV2217 Contemporary Interior Design 6
BENV2230 Principles and Philosophy of Design 3
BENV2245 Colour and Light in Environmental Design 6
BENV2254 Colour Theory & Light in Environment Design 6
BENV2304 Colour Theory in Architecture and its Environs 3
BENV2305 Graphic Design for Architects, Interior Architects, Landscape Architects and Industrial Designers 6
BENV2314 Photography, Society, and the Built Environment 6
BENV2418 Design Presentation Workshop 6
BENV2708 Interior Detailing 6
BENV2713 Furniture Design 1 3
BENV2714 Furniture Design 2 3
BENV2715 Textiles in Interior Architecture 3

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Landscape Architecture Program

Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV0006 FBE OutThere Project Elective 6
BENV2103 Environmental Planning 3
BENV2106 Landscape Design 9: Integrated Studio 6
BENV2107 Landscape Design 10:Elective Studio 9
BENV2112 Landscape Design for Well Being 6
BENV2117 Visual Resource Analysis & Management 3
BENV2218 The Vernacular Landscape 3
BENV2220 The Culture of Nature 3
BENV2414 Advanced Digital Graphic Communications 6
BENV2707 Advanced Landscape Engineering 3
BENV2902 The City: Sydney 3

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Planning and Urban Development

Courses by Subject Area
Built Environment
Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV2901 City Planning Today 3
BENV2923 Images of Sydney 6
BENV2937 Urban and Regional Design: Critique and Innovation 6
BENV2938 Transport Planning 6
BENV2942 Rural Planning 6
BENV2943 Heritage Planning 6
BENV2944 Auckland Planning Elective 6
BENV2945 Planning Travel Elective 6

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