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Courses beginning with the letter C
Code Course Title Units of Credit
CEIC1000 Sustainable Product Engineering and Design 6
CEIC1001 Engineering Chemistry 6
CEIC2000 Material and Energy Systems 6
CEIC2001 Fluid and Particle Mechanics 6
CEIC2002 Heat and Mass Transfer 6
CEIC2003 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 6
CEIC2004 Industrial Chemistry for Chemical Engineers 6
CEIC2005 Chemical Reaction Engineering 6
CEIC2009 Material and Energy Balances in the Chemical Process Industry 6
CEIC3000 Process Modelling and Analysis 6
CEIC3001 Advanced Thermodynamics and Separation 6
CEIC3002 Experimental Practice 6
CEIC3003 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 6
CEIC3004 Process Equipment Design 6
CEIC3005 Process Plant Design 6
CEIC3006 Process Dynamics and Control 6
CEIC4000 Environment and Sustainability 6
CEIC4001 Chemical Engineering Design 4A 12
CEIC4002 Thesis A 6
CEIC4003 Thesis B 6
CEIC4004 Chemical Engineering Design 4B 6
CEIC4005 Thesis 12
CEIC4006 Thesis Advanced 12
CEIC4095 Special Research Project Practice 9
CEIC4096 Research Project Theory Extended 6
CEIC4200 Industrial Experience 18
CEIC4201 Industrial Experience 18
CEIC6004 Advanced Polymers 6
CEIC6005 Fuel and Energy 6
CEIC6031 Advanced Transport Phenomena 6
CHEM1001 Introductory Chemistry 6
CHEM1011 Essentials of Chemistry 1A 6
CHEM1021 Essentials of Chemistry 1B 6
CHEM1031 Higher Chemistry 1A 6
CHEM1041 Higher Chemistry 1B 6
CHEM1051 Higher Chemistry (Medicinal) 1A 6
CHEM1061 Higher Chemistry (Medicinal) 1B 6
CHEM1829 Biological Chemistry for Optometry Students B 6
CHEM1831 Chemistry for Health, Exercise and Medical Science 6
CHEM2011 Physical Chemistry: Molecules, Energy and Change 6
CHEM2021 Organic Chemistry: Mechanisms and Biomolecules 6
CHEM2031 Inorganic Chemistry: The Elements 6
CHEM2041 Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods 6
CHEM2718 Physical Chemistry for Materials Science and Engineering 3
CHEM2828 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry for Nanotechnology 6
CHEM2839 Inorganic Chemistry 6
CHEM2921 Food Chemistry 6
CHEM3011 Physical Chemistry: Materials,Structure & Function 6
CHEM3021 Organic Chemistry: Strategies For Synthesis 6
CHEM3031 Inorganic Chemistry: Transition Metals & Complexes 6
CHEM3051 Medicinal Organic Chemistry 6
CHEM3101 Project Laboratory in Chemistry 6
CHEM3829 Organic Chemistry 6
CHEM3901 Environmental Toxicology 6
CHEM3997 Special Project in Chemistry 3 12
CHEM3998 Special Project in Chemistry 2 6
CHEM4003 Advanced Chemistry 4 Honours 24
CHEM4004 Advanced Chemistry 4 Honours (Mid-Year Start) 24
CHEM4005 Chemical Sciences 4 (Honours) 24
CHEM4006 Honours in Medicinal Chemistry 48
CHEM6041 Analytical Chemistry : Frontier Techniques 6
CHEM6701 Topics in Contemporary Chemistry A 6
CHEM6702 Topics in Contemporary Chemistry B 6
CHEN6701 Advanced Reaction Engineering 6
CHEN6703 Advanced Particle Systems Engineering 6
CHEN6710 Chemical process operations 6
CHIN4000 Chinese Honours Research Full-Time 24
CHIN4050 Chinese Honours Research Part-Time 12
CHIN4500 Combined Chinese Honours Research Full-Time 12
CHIN4550 Combined Chinese Honours Research Part-Time 6
CLIM1001 Introduction to Climate Change 6
CLIM2001 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science 6
CLIM4000 Climate Science (Honours Project) 24
COFA0201 Graphics and Contemporary Society 6
COFA0202 Design, Interactivity and Emerging Media 6
COFA0203 Collaboration & Visual Communication in Graphic Design 6
COFA0204 Seeing Light as a Design Tool 6
COFA0205 Curating Art and Exhibitions 6
COFA0206 The Art of Plants and Nature 6
COFA0207 Textiles: Tradition and Contemporary Technology 6
COFA0208 Fashion 1980 - Now 6
COFA0209 Cross-Cultural Sculpture 6
COFA0210 Visual Identity in the Built Environment 6
COFA0211 Print Advertising for a World Market 6
COFA0212 Textiles for Interiors - Senses and Spaces 6
COFA0213 Contemporary Aesthetics in Digital Architecture 6
COFA0214 Creative Thinking Processes 6
COFA0215 Society Through the Lens 6
COFA0216 Celebrity and the Face in Cinema 6
COFA0217 The Art of Scientific Visualisation 6
COFA0218 Experiencing and Understanding Art 6
COFA0219 Digital Illustration for Concept Art 6
COFA0220 Spatial Design: Retail, Exhibition and Hospitality 6
COFA0221 Draw Your World 6
COFA0222 Unravelling Urban Design 6
COFA0223 Visualising the Past 6
COFA0225 Creative Character Design 6
COFA0226 Digital Animation using Flash 6
COFA1100 Communication in Art, Design & Media 6
COFA5000 Multi-Disciplinary Design Workshop A 6
COFA5001 Multi-Disciplinary Design Workshop B 6
COMD4000 Development Studies Honours (Research) Full-Time 24
COMD4050 Development Studies Honours (Research) Part-Time 12
COMD4500 Combined Honours (Research) in Comparative Development F/T 12
COMD4550 Combined Honours (Research) in Comparative Development P/T 6
COMM4002 Quantitative Research Methods 6
COMM4003 Qualitative Research Methods 6
COMP0011 Fundamentals of Computing 6
COMP1400 Programming for Designers 6
COMP1911 Computing 1A 6
COMP1917 Computing 1 6
COMP1921 Computing 1B 6
COMP1927 Computing 2 6
COMP2041 Software Construction: Techniques and Tools 6
COMP2111 System Modelling and Design 6
COMP2121 Microprocessors and Interfacing 6
COMP2911 Engineering Design in Computing 6
COMP2920 Professional Issues and Ethics for Computer Science 3
COMP3111 Software Engineering 6
COMP3120 Introduction to Algorithms 3
COMP3121 Algorithms and Programming Techniques 6
COMP3131 Programming Languages and Compilers 6
COMP3141 Software System Design and Implementation 6
COMP3151 Foundations of Concurrency 6
COMP3152 Comparative Concurrency Semantics 6
COMP3153 Algorithmic Verification 6
COMP3161 Concepts of Programming Languages 6
COMP3171 Object-Oriented Programming 6
COMP3211 Computer Architecture 6
COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems 6
COMP3231 Operating Systems 6
COMP3241 Real Time Systems 6
COMP3311 Database Systems 6
COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications 6
COMP3411 Artificial Intelligence 6
COMP3421 Computer Graphics 6
COMP3431 Robotic Software Architecture 6
COMP3441 Security Engineering 6
COMP3511 Human Computer Interaction 6
COMP3601 Design Project A 6
COMP3711 Software Project Management 6
COMP3821 Extended Algorithms & Programming Techniques 6
COMP3891 Extended Operating Systems 6
COMP3901 Special Project A 6
COMP3902 Special Project B 12
COMP4001 Object-Oriented Software Development 6
COMP4121 Advanced and Parallel Algorithms 6
COMP4141 Theory of Computation 6
COMP4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification 6
COMP4181 Language-based Software Safety 6
COMP4211 Advanced Architectures and Algorithms 6
COMP4314 Next Generation Database Systems 6
COMP4317 XML and Databases 6
COMP4335 Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks 6
COMP4336 Mobile Data Networking 6
COMP4411 Experimental Robotics 6
COMP4415 First-order Logic 6
COMP4416 Intelligent Agents 6
COMP4418 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 6
COMP4431 Game Design Workshop 6
COMP4442 Advanced Computer Security 6
COMP4511 User Interface Design and Construction 6
COMP4601 Design Project B 6
COMP4904 Industrial Training 1 18
COMP4905 Industrial Training 2 15
COMP4906 Industrial Training 3 15
COMP4910 Thesis Part A 3
COMP4911 Thesis Part B 15
COMP4920 Management and Ethics 6
COMP4930 Thesis Part A 6
COMP4931 Thesis Part B 6
COMP6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search 6
COMP6721 (In-)Formal Methods: The Lost Art 6
COMP9018 Advanced Graphics 6
COMP9116 Software System Development Using the B-Method and B-Toolkit 6
COMP9117 Architecture of Software Systems 6
COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems 6
COMP9243 Distributed Systems 6
COMP9314 Next Generation Database Systems 6
COMP9315 Database Systems Implementation 6
COMP9318 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 6
COMP9319 Web Data Compression and Search 6
COMP9321 Web Applications Engineering 6
COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures 6
COMP9323 e-Enterprise Project 6
COMP9332 Network Routing and Switching 6
COMP9333 Advanced Computer Networks 6
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks 6
COMP9416 Knowledge Based Systems 6
COMP9417 Machine Learning and Data Mining 6
COMP9444 Neural Networks 6
COMP9447 Security Engineering Workshop 6
COMP9517 Computer Vision 6
COMP9519 Multimedia Systems 6
COMP9844 Extended Neural Networks 6
CRIM1010 Introduction to Criminology 6
CRIM1011 Introduction to Criminal Justice 6
CRIM2012 Crime Prevention Policy 6
CRIM2014 Issues in Policing 6
CRIM2015 Sentencing: Law, Policy & Prac 6
CRIM2018 Crime, Power & Human Rights: Transnational Organised Crime & State Crime 6
CRIM2019 Drugs, Crime and Justice 6
CRIM2020 Criminal Law and Justice 1 6
CRIM2021 Criminal Law and Justice 2 6
CRIM2022 Restorative Justice 6
CRIM2023 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 6
CRIM2024 Explaining Punishment 6
CRIM2025 Indigenous Perspectives in Criminal Justice 6
CRIM2026 Diversity, Crime and Justice 6
CRIM2027 Media, Crime and Criminal Justice 6
CRIM2028 Penology 6
CRIM2029 Youth Justice 6
CRIM2030 History from Crime: Investigating Europe's Past 6
CRIM3000 Criminology Capstone: Applied Criminology 6
CRIM3001 Explaining Crime 6
CRIM3003 Security and Crime 6
CRIM3004 Crime and Punishment in Historical Perspective 6
CRIM3005 Crime, Human Mind and Behaviour 6
CRIM3006 Critical Criminology and Human Rights 6
CRIM3007 Globalisation, Crime and Justice 6
CRIM3008 Pathways to Justice 6
CRIM3010 Comparative Criminal Justice: From Investigation to Trial 6
CRIM3011 Crime Prevention Policy 6
CRIM4000 Criminology Honours (Research) F/T 24
CRIM4050 Criminology Honours (Research) Part Time 12
CVEN0610 Water and Soil Engineering 6
CVEN1300 Engineering Mechanics 6
CVEN1701 Environmental Principles and Systems 6
CVEN2002 Engineering Computations for Civil Engineers 6
CVEN2101 Engineering Construction 6
CVEN2201 Soil Mechanics 6
CVEN2301 Mechanics of Solids 6
CVEN2302 Materials and Structures 6
CVEN2501 Principles of Water Engineering 6
CVEN2701 Water and Atmospheric Chemistry 6
CVEN2702 Engineering Computations for Environmental Engineers 6
CVEN3031 Civil Engineering Practice 6
CVEN3101 Engineering Operations and Control 6
CVEN3201 Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology 6
CVEN3301 Structural Analysis and Modelling 6
CVEN3302 Structural Behaviour and Design 6
CVEN3401 Sustainable Transport and Highway Engineering 6
CVEN3402 Transport Engg & Environmental Sustainability 6
CVEN3501 Water Resources Engineering 6
CVEN3502 Water and Wastewater Engineering 6
CVEN3701 Environmental Frameworks, Law and Economics 6
CVEN3702 Solid Wastes and Contaminant Transport 6
CVEN3731 Environmental Engineering Practice 6
CVEN4002 Design Practice A 6
CVEN4003 Design Practice B 6
CVEN4030 Honours Thesis A 6
CVEN4031 Honours Thesis B 6
CVEN4032 Higher Honours Thesis A 12
CVEN4033 Higher Honours Thesis B 12
CVEN4101 Projects and People 6
CVEN4102 Planning and Finance Practices 6
CVEN4103 Project Performance 6
CVEN4104 Project and System Skills 6
CVEN4201 Rock and Slope Engineering 6
CVEN4202 Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering 6
CVEN4203 Geomechanics 6
CVEN4204 Ground Improvement and Monitoring Techniques 6
CVEN4205 Contaminated Site Engineering 6
CVEN4301 Advanced Concrete Structures 6
CVEN4302 Prestressed Concrete Structures 6
CVEN4303 Bridge Analysis and Design 6
CVEN4304 Structural Analysis and Finite Elements 6
CVEN4305 Advanced Materials Technology 6
CVEN4307 Steel and Composite Structures 6
CVEN4401 Urban Transport Planning 6
CVEN4402 Transport Systems - Part 1: Network Analysis 6
CVEN4403 Transport Systems - Part 2: Queuing Theory 6
CVEN4404 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering 6
CVEN4501 Catchment Modelling and Water Resources Management 6
CVEN4502 Coastal Engineering 6
CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation 6
CVEN4504 Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment 6
CVEN4505 River Engineering 6
CVEN4701 Planning Sustainable Infrastructure 6
CVEN4702 Hazardous Waste Treatment 6
CVEN4703 Advanced Water Quality Principles 6
CVEN4901 Special Project 6

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