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Courses beginning with the letter F
Code Course Title Units of Credit
FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions 6
FINS1613 Business Finance 6
FINS2100 Industrial Training 1 (Co-op) 6
FINS2622 Emerging Capital Markets 6
FINS2624 Portfolio Management 6
FINS2643 Wealth Management 6
FINS3100 Industrial Training 2 (Co-op) 12
FINS3200 Industrial Training 3 (Co-op) 12
FINS3616 International Business Finance 6
FINS3623 Venture Capital 6
FINS3625 Applied Corporate Finance 6
FINS3626 International Corporate Governance 6
FINS3630 Bank Financial Management 6
FINS3631 Risk and Insurance 6
FINS3633 Real Estate Finance 6
FINS3634 Credit Analysis and Lending 6
FINS3635 Options, Futures and Risk Management 6
FINS3636 Interest Rate Risk Management 6
FINS3637 Wealth Management Advice 6
FINS3640 Investment Management Modeling 6
FINS3641 Security Analysis and Valuation 6
FINS3642 Strategies for Investment Management 6
FINS3650 International Banking 6
FINS3651 International Financial Services 6
FINS3655 Behavioural Finance 6
FINS3775 Research Methods in Finance 1 6
FINS4774 Financial Decision Making Under Uncertainty 6
FINS4775 Research Methods in Finance 1 6
FINS4776 Advanced Topics in Asset Pricing 6
FINS4777 Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance 6
FINS4779 Research Methods in Finance 2 6
FINS4781 Continuous-Time Finance 6
FINS4795 Thesis (Finance) 24
FOOD1120 Introduction to Food Science 6
FOOD1130 Sustainable Food Product Manufacturing 6
FOOD1210 Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology of Foods 6
FOOD1230 Food Choice: Psychology, Preference and Acceptability 6
FOOD1360 Food Processing Principles 6
FOOD1370 Food Preservation: Principles and Applications 6
FOOD1380 Unit Operations in Food Processing 6
FOOD1390 Product Design and Development 6
FOOD1400 Project 6
FOOD1480 Minor Project 6
FOOD1590 FOOD1590- Food Diagnostics 6
FOOD2320 Food Microbiology 6
FOOD2330 Quality Assurance and Control 6
FOOD2340 Food Safety 6
FOOD2350 Forensic Food Science 6
FOOD2360 Food and Nutritional Toxicology 6
FOOD2480 Advanced Food Microbiology 6
FOOD3010 Food Preservation 6
FOOD3020 Food Science and Technology Laboratory 6
FOOD3030 Food Safety and Quality Assurance 6
FOOD3220 Nutrition 6
FOOD3302 Quality Assurance and Control 6
FOOD3330 Nutrition for Sports Science 6
FOOD3440 Advanced Nutrition 6
FOOD3801 Unit Operations in Food Processing 6
FOOD3901 Product Design and Development 6
FOOD4105 Industry Practicum 24
FOOD4110 Advanced Food Chemistry 6
FOOD4403 Advanced Nutrition 6
FOOD4450 Advanced Food Processing 6
FOOD4801 Minor Project 6
FOOD5400 Industry Liaison 6
FOOD5410 Industry Practicum 24
FOOD6804 Food Diagnostics 6
FOOD6806 Food & Nutritional Toxicology 6
FOOD9410 Honours Research Project 21
FOOD9420 Food Science and Technology (Honours) 24
FOOD9430 Food Science (Honours) 24
FREN4000 French Honours (Research) Full-Time 24
FREN4050 French Honours (Research) Part-Time 12
FREN4500 Combined French Honours Full-Time 12
FREN4550 Combined French Honours Part-Time 6

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