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Courses beginning with the letter M
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MANF3100 Product and Manufacturing Design 6
MANF3130 Manufacturing Facilities Design 1 6
MANF3430 Experimental and Reliability Engineering 6
MANF3510 Computer Applications in Manufacturing 6
MANF3610 Manufacturing Operations 6
MANF4020 Manufacturing Systems 6
MANF4100 Manufacturing Facilities Design 2 6
MANF4450 Strategic Manufacturing and Accounting 6
MANF4602 Computer Aided Production Management B 3
MANF4615 Production Planning and Control 6
MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals 6
MARK1014 Customer Relationship Management 6
MARK2051 Consumer Behaviour 6
MARK2052 Marketing Research 6
MARK2053 Marketing Communications and Promotions Management 6
MARK2054 Market Analysis 6
MARK2055 Service Marketing & Management 6
MARK2071 International&Global Marketing 6
MARK2084 E-Marketing 6
MARK2151 Consumer Behaviour (Honours) 6
MARK2153 Marketing Communications & Prom. Mgt (Honours) 6
MARK2999 Industrial Training 1 (Co-op) 12
MARK3054 Market Analysis 6
MARK3071 International and Global Marketing 6
MARK3072 Advanced Consumer Behaviour 6
MARK3081 Distribution Strategy & Retail Channels 6
MARK3082 Strategic Marketing Management 6
MARK3091 New Product and New Service Development 6
MARK3092 Brand Management 6
MARK3172 Advanced Consumer Behaviour (Honours) 6
MARK3181 Distribution Strategy & Retail Channel (Honours) 6
MARK3182 Strategic Marketing Management (Honours) 6
MARK3999 Industrial Training 2 (Co-op) 18
MARK4204 Thesis (Marketing) Part A 6
MARK4205 Thesis (Marketing) Part B 18
MARK4211 Research Seminar in Marketing 6
MARK4214 Seminar in Consumer Behaviour 6
MARK4999 Industrial Training 3 (Co-op) 18
MATH0001 Fundamentals of Mathematics A 6
MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B 6
MATH1031 Mathematics for Life Sciences 6
MATH1041 Statistics for Life and Social Sciences 6
MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics 6
MATH1131 Mathematics 1A 6
MATH1141 Higher Mathematics 1A 6
MATH1151 Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1A 6
MATH1231 Mathematics 1B 6
MATH1241 Higher Mathematics 1B 6
MATH1251 Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1B 6
MATH2011 Several Variable Calculus 6
MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E 6
MATH2060 Professional Issues and Ethics in Mathematics 3
MATH2069 Mathematics 2A 6
MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics 6
MATH2099 Mathematics 2B 6
MATH2111 Higher Several Variable Calculus 6
MATH2120 Mathematical Methods for Differential Equations 3
MATH2130 Higher Mathematical Methods for Differential Equations 3
MATH2140 Operations Research: Methods and Applications 3
MATH2240 Introduction to Oceanography and Meteorology 3
MATH2260 Dynamical Systems 3
MATH2281 Biomathematics 6
MATH2301 Mathematical Computing 6
MATH2400 Finite Mathematics 3
MATH2501 Linear Algebra 6
MATH2520 Complex Analysis 3
MATH2601 Higher Linear Algebra 6
MATH2620 Higher Complex Analysis 3
MATH2801 Theory of Statistics 6
MATH2831 Linear Models 6
MATH2859 Probability, Statistics and Information 3
MATH2871 Data Management for Statistical Analysis 6
MATH2881 Quantitative Risk 6
MATH2901 Higher Theory of Statistics 6
MATH2931 Higher Linear Models 6
MATH3000 Mathematics/Statistics Project 3
MATH3001 Mathematics/Statistics Project 6
MATH3002 Mathematics/Statistics Project 12
MATH3041 Mathematical Modelling for Real World Systems 6
MATH3101 Computational Mathematics 6
MATH3121 Mathematical Methods and Partial Differential Equations 6
MATH3161 Optimization 6
MATH3201 Dynamical Systems and Chaos 6
MATH3261 Fluids, Oceans & Climate 6
MATH3311 Mathematical Computing for Finance 6
MATH3411 Information, Codes and Ciphers 6
MATH3511 Transformations, Groups and Geometry 6
MATH3521 Algebraic Techniques in Number Theory 6
MATH3531 Topology and Differential Geometry 6
MATH3560 History of Mathematics 3
MATH3570 Foundations of Calculus 3
MATH3611 Higher Analysis 6
MATH3701 Higher Topology and Differential Geometry 6
MATH3711 Higher Algebra 6
MATH3801 Probability and Stochastic Processes 6
MATH3811 Statistical Inference 6
MATH3821 Statistical Modelling and Computing 6
MATH3831 Statistical Methods in Social and Market Research 6
MATH3841 Statistical Analysis of Dependent Data 6
MATH3851 Experimental Design and Categorical Data 6
MATH3901 Higher Probability and Stochastic Processes 6
MATH3911 Higher Statistical Inference 6
MATH4011 Quantitative Risk Thesis / Project A 6
MATH4012 Quantitative Risk Thesis / Project B 12
MATH4103 Applied Mathematics Honours (Full Time) 24
MATH4104 Applied Mathematics Honours (Part Time) 12
MATH4603 Pure Mathematics Honours(Full Time) 24
MATH4604 Pure Mathematics Honours (Part Time) 12
MATH4803 Quantitative Risk (Honours) Full time 24
MATH4804 Quantitative Risk Honours (Part Time) 12
MATH4903 Statistics Honours (Full Time) 24
MATH4904 Statistics Honours (Part Time) 12
MATS1002 Microstructure Analysis 3
MATS1013 Diffusion and Kinetics 3
MATS1092 Materials and Design 1 3
MATS1101 Engineering Materials and Chemistry 6
MATS1112 Phase Equilibria 3
MATS1142 Crystallography and X-Ray Diffraction 3
MATS1152 Materials Engineering 1B 6
MATS1172 Physical Properties of Materials 3
MATS1192 Design & Application of Materials in Science & Eng 6
MATS1214 Welding and Other Joining Processes 3
MATS1223 Corrosion Control 3
MATS1232 Materials Engineering 1A 3
MATS1244 Materials Industry Management A 6
MATS1262 Mechanical Properties of Materials 6
MATS1282 Thermodynamic of Materials 6
MATS1343 Materials Industry Management B 3
MATS1354 Design Project 3
MATS1414 Surface Treatment and Wear 3
MATS1464 Professional Communication and Presentation 3
MATS1902 Industrial Training A 24
MATS1903 Industrial Training B 24
MATS2001 Physical Properties of Materials 6
MATS2003 Materials Characterisation 6
MATS2004 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials 6
MATS2005 Introduction to Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer 6
MATS2006 Diffusion and Kinetics 6
MATS2007 Sustainable Materials Processing 6
MATS2008 Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibra 6
MATS2013 Ceramic Materials 3
MATS2183 Refractories 3
MATS2263 Sintering of Ceramics 3
MATS2294 Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Ceramics 3
MATS2314 Glass-Based Ceramics 3
MATS2363 Ceramic Processing and Design 3
MATS3001 Micromechanisms of Mechanical Behaviour of Metals 6
MATS3002 Fundamentals of Ceramic Processing 6
MATS3003 Engineering in Process Metallurgy 6
MATS3004 Polymer Science and Engineering 1 6
MATS3005 Phase Transformations 6
MATS3006 Design and Application of Materials in Sci & Eng 3 6
MATS3007 Materials Industry Management 6
MATS3064 Composite Materials 3
MATS3443 Polymer Science and Engineering 3
MATS3524 Materials Engineering Project 6
MATS3564 Polymer Engineering 1 3
MATS3574 Polymer Engineering 2 3
MATS3624 Materials Engineering Project (18 UOC) 9
MATS3724 Material Science Projects 12
MATS4001 Secondary Processing of Metals 6
MATS4002 Design and Advanced Ceramics 6
MATS4003 Process Metallurgy Advanced 6
MATS4004 Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis 6
MATS4005 Composites and Functional Materials 6
MATS4006 Polymer Science and Engineering 2 6
MATS4007 Engineered Surfaces to Resist Corrosion and Wear 6
MATS4008 Materials Engineering Project (12 UoC) 6
MATS4009 Materials Engineering Project 9
MATS4010 Materials Engineering Project 12
MATS4013 Physical Metallurgy 3
MATS4023 Phase Transformations 3
MATS4064 Thermomechanical Processing 3
MATS4083 Physical Metallurgy of Alloys 3
MATS4084 Specialty Alloys 3
MATS4133 Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms 3
MATS4213 Fractographic Analysis 3
MATS4333 Fracture Mechanics 3
MATS5001 Thesis A 6
MATS5002 Thesis B 6
MATS5003 Advanced Thesis 6
MATS5013 Materials Processing 6
MATS5033 Extractive Metallurgy 3
MATS5043 Heat, Fluid and Mass Flow in Materials Processing 3
MATS5342 Computational Modelling & Design in Materials Eng 6
MATS5394 Pollution Control in Materials Processing 3
MATS5423 Pyrometallurgy 1 3
MATS5424 Modelling in Materials Engineering 2 3
MATS5524 Pyrometallurgy 2 - Casting 3
MATS9520 Engineering Materials 3
MDIA1000 Working with Time, Space and Experience 6
MDIA1002 Media Industry Contexts 6
MDIA1003 Public Relations Practices 6
MDIA1004 News Reporting 6
MDIA2000 Animating Media 6
MDIA2001 Bodies and Interfaces 6
MDIA2002 Analysing Media Communication 6
MDIA2003 Advanced Media Writing 6
MDIA2004 Visual Communication 6
MDIA2005 Advertising: The Creative Dimensions 6
MDIA3000 Public Relations Discourse and Change 6
MDIA3001 Serious Games 6
MDIA3002 Multiplatform Journalism 6
MDIA3003 Internship / Portfolio Project 6
MDIA3004 Festivals and Exhibitions 6
MDIA3005 Social Innovation and Engagement 6
MECH3000 Professional Responsibilities 3
MECH3091 Co-Operative Training A 24
MECH3092 Co-Operative Training B 24
MECH3110 Mechanical Design 1 6
MECH3540 Computational Engineering 6
MECH3610 Advanced Thermofluids 6
MECH4001 Communications for Professional Engineers 3
MECH4003 Thesis A 6
MECH4004 Thesis B 9
MECH4100 Mechanical Design 2 6
MECH4305 Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis 6
MECH9223 Machine Condition Monitoring 6
MECH9325 Fundamentals of Noise 6
MECH9400 Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue 6
MECH9410 Finite Element Applications 6
MECH9620 Computational Fluid Dynamics 6
MECH9720 Solar Thermal Energy Design 6
MECH9751 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1 6
MECH9761 Internal Combustion Engines 1 6
MEDM8001 Principles of Medicine for Optometry Students 3
MEFT0701 Imaging Australia 6
MEFT4000 Media, Film and Theatre Honours (Research) Full-Time 24
MEFT4050 Media, Film and Theatre Honours (Research) Part-Time 12
MEFT4500 Combined Media, Film and Theatre Honours (Research) Full-Time 12
MEFT4550 Combined Media, Film and Theatre Honours (Research) Part-Time 6
MFAC1501 Foundations 12
MFAC1510 Ageing and Endings 2 plus extension 12
MFAC1521 Beginnings, Growth and Development A 12
MFAC1522 Beginnings, Growth and Development B 12
MFAC1523 Health Maintenance A 12
MFAC1524 Health Maintenance B 12
MFAC1525 Ageing and Endings A 12
MFAC1526 Ageing and Endings B 12
MFAC1527 Society and Health 12
MFAC1601 Introductory Clinical and Communication Skills 3
MFAC2501 Society and Health 3 10
MFAC2502 Beginnings, Growth and Development 3 10
MFAC2503 Health Maintenance 3 10
MFAC2504 Ageing and Endings 3 10
MFAC2509 Clinical Skills Refresher 0
MFAC2510 Graduate Entry Bridging 12
MFAC3501 Medicine 10
MFAC3502 Surgery 10
MFAC3503 Psychiatry 10
MFAC3504 Primary Care 10
MFAC3505 Obstetrics & Gynaecology 10
MFAC3506 Children's Health (Paediatrics) 10
MFAC3507 Elective 10
MFAC3508 Emergency/Selective 10
MFAC3509 Selective 10
MFAC3510 Preparation for Internship (PRINT) 10
MFAC3512 Clinical Module 12 0
MFAC4501 Independent Learning Project 1 10
MFAC4502 Independent Learning Project 2 10
MFAC4503 Independent Learning Project 3 8
MGMT0011 International Business:Australia & South East Asia 6
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations and People 6
MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment 6
MGMT1701 Industrial Relations 6
MGMT1702 Labour Organisation 6
MGMT1712 Management of Organisations 6
MGMT2001 Managing Innovation and Organisational Change 6
MGMT2002 Managing Business Communication 6
MGMT2101 International Business and Multinational Operations 6
MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures 6
MGMT2105 East Asian Business Enterprise 6
MGMT2106 Comparative Management Systems 6
MGMT2200 Critical Thinking and Analysis 6
MGMT2703 International Employment Relations 6
MGMT2704 Social Organisation of Work 6
MGMT2705 Industrial Relations 6
MGMT2718 Human Resource Management 6
MGMT2721 Managing People 6
MGMT2724 Health and Safety at Work 6
MGMT2725 Career Planning and Management 6
MGMT3102 Asia-Pacific Business 6
MGMT3701 Legal Aspects of Employment 6
MGMT3702 International Human Resource Management Practice 6
MGMT3708 Research Methods in Employment and Management 6
MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills 6
MGMT3724 Strategic Human Resource Management 6
MGMT3728 Managing Pay and Performance 6
MGMT3729 Managing Workplace Training 6
MGMT4731 Theory in Organisation & Management Studies 6
MGMT4732 Methodology in Organisation and Management Studies 6
MGMT4738 Thesis (Human Resource Management) 12
MGMT4750 Management 4 (Honours) F/T 12
MGMT4751 Management 4 (honours) P/T 12
MICR2011 Microbiology 1 6
MICR3051 Immunology 2 6
MICR3061 Viruses and Disease 6
MICR3071 Environmental Microbiology 6
MICR3621 Microbial Genetics (Advanced) 6
MICR4013 Microbiology Honours Full-Time 24
MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering 6
MINE1300 Engineering Mechanics 6
MINE2010 Mining Project Development 6
MINE2310 Structural Mechanics 6
MINE2500 Fluids & Thermodynamics 6
MINE2810 Minerals and Processing 6
MINE3220 Resource Estimation 6
MINE3230 Mine Planning 6
MINE3310 Mining Geomechanics 6
MINE3430 Mining Systems 6
MINE3440 Surface Mining Systems 6
MINE3450 Underground Mining Systems 6
MINE3510 Mine Ventilation 6
MINE3630 Rock Breakage 6
MINE3800 Mineral Processing 3
MINE3910 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining 6
MINE4250 Hardrock Mine Design and Feasibility Project 6
MINE4260 Coal Mine Design and Feasibility Project 6
MINE4310 Mine Geotechnical Engineering 6
MINE4320 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 6
MINE4440 Mine Research Project - Planning 6
MINE4450 Mine Research Project - Thesis 6
MINE4460 Mine Simulation and Animation 6
MINE4510 Advanced Mine Ventilation 6
MINE4610 Mining Asset Management and Services 6
MINE4710 Mine Management 6
MINE4910 Mining in a Global Environment 6
MMAN1130 Design for Manufacture 6
MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics 6
MMAN2100 Engineering Design 2 6
MMAN2400 Mechanics of Solids 1 6
MMAN2600 Fluid Mechanics 6
MMAN2700 Thermodynamics 6
MMAN3200 Linear Systems and Control 6
MMAN3210 Engineering Experimentation 6
MMAN3300 Engineering Mechanics 2 6
MMAN3400 Mechanics of Solids 2 6
MMAN4000 Professional Engineering 6
MMAN4010 Thesis A 6
MMAN4020 Thesis B 6
MMAN4400 Engineering Management 6
MSCI0501 The Marine Environment 6
MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science 6
MSCI2051 Coral Reef: Environment and Ecology 3
MSCI3001 Physical Oceanography 6
MSCI3201 Coastal Environmental Assessment and Monitoring 6
MSCI3501 Fundamentals of Climate Change 6
MSCI4401 Marine Science Honours - 6uoc 6
MSCI4402 Marine Science Honours - 12uoc 12
MSCI4403 Marine Science Honours - 18uoc 18
MSCI4404 Marine Science Honours - 24uoc 24
MSCI4501 Marine Science (Physical Oceanography) Honours - 6uoc 6
MSCI4502 Marine Science (Physical Oceanography) Honours - 12uoc 12
MSCI4503 Marine Science (Physical Oceanography) Honours - 18uoc 18
MSCI4504 Marine Science (Physical Oceanography) Honours - 24uoc 24
MTRN3020 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems 6
MTRN3100 Robot Design 6
MTRN3200 Elements of Mechatronic Systems 6
MTRN3201 Digital Logic for Mechatronics 3
MTRN3202 Microprocessor Control 3
MTRN3212 Principles of Control of Mechanical Systems 3
MTRN3500 Computing Applications in Mechatronics Systems 6
MTRN3530 Computing Applications in Mechanical Systems 3
MTRN4010 Advanced Autonomous Systems 6
MTRN4020 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems 6
MTRN4100 Mechatronics Design Technology 6
MTRN4221 Industrial Robotics 3
MTRN4230 Robotics 6
MTRN9211 Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems 1 6
MTRN9222 Artificially Intelligent Machines 6
MTRN9224 Robot Design 6
MUSC1001 Music Fundamentals 6
MUSC1101 Music Reinvented 6
MUSC1302 Musicianship A 6
MUSC1312 BA Musicianship A 6
MUSC1401 Professional Practices A 6
MUSC1402 Professional Practices B 6
MUSC1501 Music Performance 1A 6
MUSC1502 Music Performance 1B 6
MUSC2101 Music of the Baroque 6
MUSC2111 Introduction to Musicology 6
MUSC2113 The Function of Music in Film 6
MUSC2115 Music of the 19th Century 6
MUSC2132 Music of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance 6
MUSC2201 Music of Aboriginal Australians 6
MUSC2301 Musicianship B 6
MUSC2302 Musicianship C 6
MUSC2311 BA Musicianship B 6
MUSC2312 BA Musicianship C 6
MUSC2332 Electronic Music 6
MUSC2401 Professional Practices C 6
MUSC2402 Professional Practices D 6
MUSC2501 Music Performance 2A 6
MUSC2502 Music Performance 2B 6
MUSC3101 Ethical Practices in Music: Capstone 6
MUSC3102 Psychology of Music 6
MUSC3131 Jazz and Popular Music 6
MUSC3162 Twentieth Century Music 6
MUSC3212 South Asian Music: Tradition and Transformation 6
MUSC3302 Orchestration and Arrangement 6
MUSC3401 Advanced Professional Practices A 6
MUSC3402 Advanced Professional Practices B 6
MUSC3501 Advanced Music Performance 3A 6
MUSC3502 Advanced Music Performance 3B 6
MUSC3612 Principles and Processes of Music Education 6
MUSC4000 Bachelor of Music Honours Full-Time 24
MUSC4001 Music Honours (BA) 24
MUSC4002 Music Education Honours 24
MUSC4050 Bachelor of Music Honours P/T 12
MUSC4500 Combined Music Honours Full Time 12
MUSC4650 Conducting 6

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