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Courses beginning with the letter O
Code Course Title Units of Credit
OPTM2111 Optometry 2A 6
OPTM2211 Optometry 2B 6
OPTM3111 Optometry 3A 6
OPTM3131 Ocular Disease 3A 6
OPTM3211 Optometry 3B 6
OPTM3231 Ocular Disease 3B 6
OPTM4110 Optometry 4A 3
OPTM4131 Clinical Optometry 4A 6
OPTM4151 Ocular Therapeutics 4A 6
OPTM4211 Optometry 4B 6
OPTM4231 Clinical Optometry 4B 6
OPTM4251 Ocular Therapeutics 4B 6
OPTM4271 Professional Optometry 6
OPTM4291 Optometry, Medicine & Patient Management 3
OPTM5111 Clinical Optometry 5A 6
OPTM5131 Specialist Clinical Optometry 5A 6
OPTM5151 Clinical Ocular Therapeutics 5A 6
OPTM5171 Research Project 5A 6
OPTM5211 Clinical Optometry 5B 6
OPTM5231 Specialist Clinical Optometry 5B 6
OPTM5251 Clinical Ocular Therapeutics 5B 6
OPTM5271 Research Project 5B 6

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