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General Education Courses by Faculty
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General Education Courses by Faculty

Australian School of Business
College of Fine Arts
Div. Registrar & Deputy Princi
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science
University College

Australian School of Business Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A 6
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 6
ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics 6
GENC2003 The Australian Economy 6
GENC3003 Personal Financial Planning 3
GENC5001 Introduction to the Internet and Electronic Commerce 3
GENC6001 An Introduction to Marketing 3
GENC6002 Marketing and the Consumer 3
GENC6003 Tourism: The Global Future 3
GENC7002 Getting Into Business 3
GENC7003 Managing Your Business 3
GENC9002 Web Information Resources 3
INFS1602 Information Systems in Business 6
MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals 6
MGMT2725 Career Planning and Management 6
STRE2010 Innovation & Entrepreneurship-Principles &Practice 6

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College of Fine Arts Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
GEND1202 Drawing the Body: Studies of Surface Anatomy 3
GEND1203 Drawing the World From Within/Without 3
GEND1204 Studies in Painting 3
GEND1205 Making a Print 3
GEND1208 Studies in Sculpture 3
GEND1209 Black and White Photography 3
GEND1210 Colour Photography 3
GEND1211 The Artist's Studio 3
GEND1212 Analysing a Picture: Composition and Design in Art 3
GEND2201 Art Therapy 3
GEND2202 Multicultural Contexts 3
GEND2205 Dialogues and Communities 3
GEND2206 The Art Museum and Art Education 3
GEND2208 Creativity Workshop 3
GEND3218 Psychoanalysis and Art 3
GEND3232 Pornography, Art and Politics 3
GEND3233 Scandals of Modern Art 3
GEND3238 Memory and Self 3
GEND4202 Design and Human Functioning 3
GEND4203 Design Management 3
GEND4206 Integrated Design Studio 6
GEND4207 Designing: Models as a Tool for Design Communication 6
GEND4208 Working with Ceramics 3
GEND4209 Working with Jewellery 3
GEND4210 Textiles and Fashion 3
GEND4211 Design in Performance 3
GEND4212 Design in Adornment and Costume 3
GEND4213 The Arts of Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders 3
GEND4214 Surface and Image in Tapestry Weaving 3
GEND5201 Landscape Animation 3
SDES0215 Creative Thinking Case Studies 6
SDES4205 Information Graphics: Design & Visualising Data 6
SOMA1691 3D Stereographic Cinematography 6

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Div. Registrar & Deputy Princi Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ATSI1001 Introduction to Aboriginal People and Society 6
ATSI1002 Australia: Representations, Identities and Difference 6
ATSI2001 Aboriginal Australia: The Pre-Colonial and Colonial Experience 6
ATSI2002 Aboriginal Australia: The Post-Colonial Experience 6
ATSI2003 Indigenous Material Culture-Objects &their journey 6
ATSI2004 Popular Culture of Indigenous Australia 6
GENX0101 Indigenous Australia - Travelling Through Time 3
GENX0102 Indigenous Australia - From the Present to the Future 3

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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ARTS1010 The Life of Words 6
ARTS1030 Introduction to English: Literary Genres 6
ARTS1031 Literature in English: Early Modern to Modern 6
ARTS1090 Media, Culture and Everyday Life 6
ARTS1091 Media, Society, Politics 6
ARTS1120 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies 6
ARTS1121 Reading Performance 6
ARTS1150 Introduction to American Studies 6
ARTS1180 Archaeology and our Past: An Introduction 6
ARTS1190 Australian Legends: Introducing Australian Studies 6
ARTS1210 Concepts of Asia 6
ARTS1211 Australia's Asian Context 6
ARTS1240 Environment and Society: Introduction 6
ARTS1270 The Big Picture: An Introduction to History 6
ARTS1271 The History Matrix: The Making of the Modern World 6
ARTS1300 Understanding Science, Technology and Society 6
ARTS1301 Cosmos and Culture: Science in History 6
ARTS1302 Science: Good, Bad & Bogus: Philosophy of Science 6
ARTS1360 Introducing Moral, Social & Political Philosophy 6
ARTS1361 Knowledge and Reality: Introduction to Philosophy 6
ARTS1362 Thinking About Reasoning 6
ARTS1450 Introductory Chinese A 6
ARTS1451 Introductory Chinese B 6
ARTS1480 Introductory French A 6
ARTS1481 Introductory French B 6
ARTS1510 Introductory German A 6
ARTS1511 Introductory German B 6
ARTS1540 Introductory Greek A 6
ARTS1541 Introductory Greek B 6
ARTS1570 Introductory Spanish A 6
ARTS1571 Introductory Spanish B 6
ARTS1600 Introductory Indonesian A 6
ARTS1601 Introductory Indonesian B 6
ARTS1620 Introductory Italian 1 6
ARTS1621 Introductory Italian 2 6
ARTS1630 Introductory Japanese A 6
ARTS1631 Introductory Japanese B 6
ARTS1660 Introductory Korean A 6
ARTS1661 Introductory Korean B 6
ARTS1690 The Structure of Language 6
ARTS1691 The Use of Language 6
ARTS1750 Introduction to Development Studies 6
ARTS1751 Development Studies: Poor World, Rich World 6
ARTS1780 Concepts of Europe 6
ARTS1781 Australia's European Context 6
ARTS1810 International Relations in the Twentieth Century 6
ARTS1811 International Relations: Continuity & Change 6
ARTS1840 Introduction to Australian Politics 6
ARTS1870 Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 6
ARTS1871 Relationship: Foundational Concept 6
ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Intro to Women's & Gender Studies 6
ARTS2063 National Cinemas 6
ARTS2121 Critical Perspectives on Theatre and Performance 6
ARTS2123 Live Entertainment and Popular Culture 6
ARTS2124 Staging Australia 6
ARTS2150 Modern United States History 6
ARTS2210 India and South Asia 6
ARTS2211 East Asia 6
ARTS2212 Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2213 Asian Popular Culture 6
ARTS2215 Religion in World History 6
ARTS2216 Politics and Security in Contemporary Asia 6
ARTS2240 Environment, Sustainability and Development 6
ARTS2242 Environmental Controversy in Australia 6
ARTS2243 Waste and Society 6
ARTS2270 Australia 1788-1900: The Fatal Shore? 6
ARTS2271 Australia 1901-2008:From Federation to the Apology 6
ARTS2273 Towards war and revolution: 19th century Europe 6
ARTS2274 Ancient & Medieval History A 6
ARTS2275 Ancient & Medieval History B 6
ARTS2276 Enter the Dragons: East Asian History 6
ARTS2277 History of Southeast Asia: Knowing our Neighbours 6
ARTS2278 Slavery and Freedom: US History 1750-1890 6
ARTS2279 Colonial Latin America 6
ARTS2280 Jewish History in Broader Context 6
ARTS2300 Images of Science: Contesting How Science Works 6
ARTS2301 Computers, Brains and Minds 6
ARTS2302 The Scientific Revolution: Science and Religion 6
ARTS2303 On Drugs: Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, and Culture 6
ARTS2304 In Sickness and in Health: A History of Medicine 6
ARTS2305 Scientific and Technological Controversies 6
ARTS2306 Technology, Civilization and Culture 6
ARTS2307 Darwin and History: Culture, Science, Medicine 6
ARTS2362 Freedom, Alienation and Modern Life 6
ARTS2363 Chinese Philosophy 6
ARTS2366 Logic and Reasoning 6
ARTS2368 History of Philosophy: Influential Thinkers 6
ARTS2453 Chinese Cinema 6
ARTS2455 Gender in Contemporary China 6
ARTS2456 Introduction to Chinese Musical Culture 6
ARTS2510 Intermediate German A 6
ARTS2511 Intermediate German B 6
ARTS2600 Intermediate Indonesian A 6
ARTS2601 Intermediate Indonesian B 6
ARTS2602 Islam in Asia 6
ARTS2630 Intermediate Japanese A 6
ARTS2631 Intermediate Japanese B 6
ARTS2660 Intermediate Korean A 6
ARTS2661 Intermediate Korean B 6
ARTS2780 The New Europe 6
ARTS2811 International Law: Power, Politics and Ideology 6
ARTS2812 The Politics of International Organisation 6
ARTS2813 International Security 6
ARTS2814 International Relations Theories and Concepts 6
ARTS2840 Politics of Human Rights in Australia 6
ARTS2842 Politics of Globalisation 6
ARTS2843 Politics and Business 6
ARTS2844 Language & Politics 6
ARTS2845 Sex, Human Rights and Justice 6
ARTS2846 Multiculturalism in Political Theory 6
ARTS2870 Global Citizens, Justice and Civil Society 6
ARTS2871 Culture, Power, Modernity 6
ARTS2872 Living and dying 6
ARTS2873 People and Place 6
ARTS2874 Senses: Feeling and Knowing 6
ARTS2875 Society and Desire 6
ARTS2876 Understanding the Self 6
ARTS2877 Technologies, Culture, Society 6
ARTS2902 Studies in Sexualities 6
ARTS3480 Advanced French A 6
ARTS3481 Advanced French B 6
ARTS3482 Professional French A 6
ARTS3483 Professional French B 6
ARTS3510 Advanced German A 6
ARTS3511 Advanced German B 6
ARTS3540 Advanced Greek A 6
ARTS3541 Advanced Greek B 6
ARTS3570 Advanced Spanish A 6
ARTS3571 Advanced Spanish B 6
ARTS3630 Advanced Japanese A 6
ARTS3631 Advanced Japanese B 6
ARTS3660 Advanced Korean A 6
ARTS3661 Advanced Korean B 6
ARTS3664 Korean Translation 6
ARTS3665 Korean Interpreting 6
CRIM1010 Introduction to Criminology 6
CRIM1011 Introduction to Criminal Justice 6
GENT0503 Jazz and Popular Music Studies 6
GENT0508 Music on My Mind: Psychology and music 6
GENT0708 International Governance in the Twenty-First Century 6
GENT0911 Murderers and Medical Detectives 6
HUMS0001 Academic Enabling Skills 1 6
HUMS0002 Academic Enabling Skills 2 6
MUSC2113 The Function of Music in Film 6
SLSP1000 Social Science and Policy 6
SLSP1001 Research and Information Management 6

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Faculty of Built Environment Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
BENV1043 Multimedia in Design Presentation 6
BENV2214 History, Theory and Interpretation: Art and Architecture 6
BENV2230 Principles and Philosophy of Design 6
BENV2256 Theory and Politics in Architecture since 1960 6
BENV2314 Photography, Society, and the Built Environment 6
BENV2715 Textiles in Interior Architecture 3
BENV2904 Public Art 6
GENR0003 Spirit, Myth and Sacredness in Architecture 3
GENR0008 History, Theory and Interpretation: Art and Architecture 3
GENR0012 Great Buildings of the World 3
GENR0015 City Planning Today 3
GENR0017 Principles and Philosophy of Design 3
GENR0019 Critical Perspectives on Twentieth Century Art and Design 3

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Faculty of Engineering Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVEN1920 Introduction to Aircraft Engineering 6
BINF1001 Bioinformatics 1 6
BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine and Biology 6
COMP1400 Programming for Designers 6
COMP1911 Computing 1A 6
COMP1917 Computing 1 6
COMP1921 Computing 1B 6
COMP1927 Computing 2 6
COMP2111 System Modelling and Design 6
COMP3441 Security Engineering 6
COMP3511 Human Computer Interaction 6
ENGG1811 Computing for Engineers 6
FOOD1120 Introduction to Food Science 6
FOOD3010 Food Preservation 6
FOOD3030 Food Safety and Quality Assurance 6
GENE1011 From Catchment to Ocean 3
GENE1012 Tools for Ecologically Sustainable Development in Corporations and Regions 3
GENE3051 Solar Cars - Speed of Light 3
GENE4001 Biomedical Engineering: Technology in Medicine 3
GENE7001 Oil & Gas: The Lifeblood of Society 3
GENE7801 Energy and Mineral Resources - Use or Abuse? 3
GENE8000 Spreadsheet & Database Applns 3
GENE8001 Computer Game Design 3
GMAT1110 Surveying and GIS 6
GMAT1400 Land Resource Assessment 6
MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering 6
PTRL1010 Introduction to the Petroleum Industry 6
SENG1031 Sofware Engineering Workshop 1 6
SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy 6

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Faculty of Law Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
GENL0230 Law in the Information Age 3
GENL0231 Law in the Information Age 2.0 6
GENL0250 Sport, Law and Society 6
GENL0251 Sport and Law in the Western World 6
GENL0252 Sport, Law and International Diplomacy 6
GENL0260 Sport, Law and Society in Australia 1 6
GENL1021 World Religions 6
GENL1062 Understanding Human Rights 6
GENL1063 Terror and Religion 6
GENL2015 The World of Work 6
GENL2021 Introduction to the Australian Legal System 6
GENL2031 Cyberspace Law 3
GENL2032 Cyberspace Law 2.0 6
GENL2323 Owning Creativity: Issues in Intellectual Property 6
GENL2456 Innovation Law and Policy 6
GENL5021 Business Law Basics 6
GENL5030 Understanding Tax 3
GENL5031 Tax for Professionals 6

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Faculty of Medicine Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
GENM0123 Children - Growing Up in Society 3
GENM0201 Human Origins, Human Problems 6
GENM0202 Frontiers in Brain Research 3
GENM0510 Using the Media: Promotion Through Mass Media and Multi Media 6
GENM0518 Health and Power in an Internet Age 6
GENM0701 Contemporary Bioethics 3
GENM0703 Concepts of Physical Fitness and Health 3
GENM0804 Lifestyle, Health and Disease 3

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Faculty of Science Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
BIOS1101 Evolutionary and Functional Biology 6
BIOS1301 Ecology, sustainability and environmental science 6
GENS0401 Introduction to Climate Change 6
GENS0450 Measuring the Universe 3
GENS1004 Science and the Cinema 3
GENS2002 Mathematics in Art and Architecture 3
GENS2005 History of Mathematics 3
GENS2006 Introduction to New Testament Greek 6
GENS3501 Metals, Ceramics, Plastics - Building the Twenty First Century 3
GENS4001 Astronomy 6
GENS4008 Nuclear Arms and the New World Order 3
GENS4010 Science and Religion 3
GENS4015 Brave New World: Science Fiction, Science Fact and the Future 6
GENS5001 Aviation: Behind the scenes 3
GENS5002 Aviation: Contemporary Issues in a Complex Socotechnical System 3
GENS5013 Workplace Safety 6
GENS7602 Viewing the Earth Through a Geological Window 3
GENS7604 Energy Resources for the 21st Century 3
GENS8002 Sports Performance and Injury Prevention 3
GENS8004 Ergonomics, Productivity and Safety 3
GENS8100 Risk and Risk Management 6
GENS9001 Psychology of the Individual and the Group 6
GENS9002 Psychology of the Body and the Mind 6
GENS9005 Psychology of Work 6
GENS9006 Is Life Just a Gamble? Psychol of Decision Making 3
GENS9007 The Psychobiology of Sex, Love and Attraction 3
GENS9008 Stereotyping and Prejudice 3
GENS9009 Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
GEOS1211 Environmental Earth Science 6
GEOS1601 Australian and Global Geographies 6
GEOS1701 Environmental Systems and Processes 6
IEST6907 Environmental Pollution, Risk and Health 6
IEST6911 Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 6
MSCI0501 The Marine Environment 6
PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy 6
PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics 6
SESC3091 Safety, Health and Environmental Practice 6

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University College Courses

Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZGEN2215 Law, Force and Legitimacy 6
ZGEN2222 Introduction to Strategic Studies 6
ZGEN2240 Introduction to Military Ethics 6
ZGEN2801 Strategy, Management and Leadership 6

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