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Programs by Faculty
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Australian School of Business
College of Fine Arts
DVC (A) Board of Studies
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science
University College

Australian School of Business 

Program Title Award Level Code
Accounting/Business Info Tech   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8425
Actuarial Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8411
Actuarial Studies (Extension)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8416
Advanced Taxation   Graduate Diploma 5540
Applied Taxation   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9260
Business Administration   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8350
Business Administration (Exec)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8355
Business Administration - HK   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8345
Business and Technology   Graduate Diploma 5457
Business and Technology   Graduate Certificate 7333
Business and Technology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8616
Change Management   Graduate Certificate 7315
Commerce   Graduate Certificate 7355
Commerce   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8404
Commerce (Extension)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8417
Economics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8412
Finance   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8406
Financial Analysis   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8413
Financial Economics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8427
Financial Planning   Graduate Diploma 5273
Financial Planning   Graduate Certificate 7273
Financial Planning   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9273
Information Systems   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8407
International Taxation   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9255
Management   Graduate Diploma 5950
Management - HK   Graduate Diploma 5945
Marketing   Graduate Certificate 7414
Marketing   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8414
Professional Accounting   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8409
Professional Accounting (Ext)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8415
Revenue Administration   Graduate Diploma 5245
Revenue Administration   Graduate Certificate 7545
Revenue Administration   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9245
Risk Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8418
Rsch Mngt & Commercial   Graduate Certificate 7330
Social Impact   Graduate Certificate 7357
Taxation   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9250
Taxation & Financial Planning   Graduate Diploma 5272
Taxation & Financial Planning   Graduate Certificate 7270
Taxation & Financial Planning   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9270
Taxation Studies   Graduate Diploma 5541
Taxation Studies   Graduate Certificate 7541
Taxation Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9257
Technology & Innovation Mgmt   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8007

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College of Fine Arts 

Program Title Award Level Code
Art   Graduate Diploma 5307
Art   Graduate Certificate 7307
Art   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9307
Art Administration   Graduate Diploma 5302
Art Administration   Graduate Certificate 7302
Art Administration   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9302
Art and Design Education   Graduate Certificate 7304
Art Education   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9303
CrossDisciplinary Art & Design   Graduate Diploma 5309
CrossDisciplinary Art & Design   Graduate Certificate 7309
CrossDisciplinary Art & Design   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9309
Design   Graduate Diploma 5724
Design   Graduate Certificate 7303
Design   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9304
Design   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9311
Digital Media   Graduate Diploma 5308
Digital Media   Graduate Certificate 7308
Digital Media   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9308

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DVC (A) Board of Studies 

Program Title Award Level Code
Indigenous Studies   Graduate Diploma 5223
Indigenous Studies   Graduate Certificate 7223
Indigenous Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8223

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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 

Program Title Award Level Code
Arts   Graduate Diploma 5225
Arts   Graduate Certificate 7325
Arts   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8225
Arts (Extension)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8229
Arts (Research)   Graduate Diploma 5275
Combined Arts/Social Sciences   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8224
Counselling Social Work   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8930
Couple and Family Therapy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8931
Education   Graduate Certificate 7327
Education   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8910
Education (Secondary)   Graduate Diploma 5926
Educational Leadership   Graduate Certificate 7960
Educational Leadership   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8960
Intl Relations/Public Policy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8221
Journalism and Communication   Graduate Diploma 5222
Journalism and Communication   Graduate Certificate 7222
Journalism and Communication   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8222
M Teaching (Secondary)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8926
Policy Studies   Graduate Diploma 5280
Policy Studies   Graduate Certificate 7348
Policy Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8248
Public Relations & Advertising   Graduate Diploma 5291
Public Relations & Advertising   Graduate Certificate 7291
Public Relations & Advertising   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8291
Secondary Teacher Education   Diploma 5560
Social Development   Graduate Diploma 5557
Social Development   Graduate Certificate 7349
Social Development   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8939
University Learning & Teaching   Graduate Certificate 7375

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Faculty of Built Environment 

Program Title Award Level Code
Architecture   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8142
Architecture   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8143
Architecture/Built Environment   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8133
Const Project Mgt in Prof Prac   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8124
Construction Project Mgmt   Graduate Certificate 7123
Construction Project Mgmt   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8123
Planning   Graduate Diploma 5147
Planning   Graduate Certificate 7147
Planning   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8147
Property and Development   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8127
Sustainable Development   Graduate Diploma 5132
Sustainable Development   Graduate Certificate 7332
Sustainable Development   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8132
Urban Development and Design   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8131

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Faculty of Engineering 

Program Title Award Level Code
Biomedical Engineering   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8660
Computing   Graduate Certificate 7543
Engineering   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8621
Engineering (Biomedical Engine   Graduate Diploma 5445
Engineering Science   Graduate Diploma 5338
Engineering Science   Graduate Certificate 7338
Engineering Science   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8538
Engineering Science (Ext)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8539
Food Science & Tech (Extn)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8034
Food Science and Technology   Graduate Certificate 7310
Food Science and Technology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8033
Food Technology   Graduate Diploma 5020
Information Technology   Graduate Diploma 5543
Information Technology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8543
Mine Ventilation   Graduate Diploma 5045
Mining Engineering   Graduate Diploma 5040
Mining Engineering   Graduate Certificate 7335
Mining Engineering   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8058
Remote Sensing   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8641

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Faculty of Law 

Program Title Award Level Code
Applied Intellectual Property   Graduate Diploma 5265
Business Administration/Law   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9230
Business Law   Graduate Diploma 5231
Business Law   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9231
Criminal Justice & Criminology   Graduate Diploma 5285
Criminal Justice & Criminology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9285
Dispute Resolution   Graduate Diploma 5235
Dispute Resolution   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9235
Human Rights Law and Policy   Graduate Diploma 5211
Human Rights Law and Policy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9211
Int'l Law & Int'l Relations   Graduate Diploma 5760
Int'l Law & Int'l Relations   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9240
International Law and Security   Graduate Diploma 5281
International Law and Security   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9281
Juris Doctor   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9150
Law   Graduate Diploma 5740
Law   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9200
Law and Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9210
Law, Media & Journalism   Graduate Diploma 5214
Law, Media & Journalism   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9214
Legal Studies   Graduate Diploma 5750
Legal Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9220

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Faculty of Medicine 

Program Title Award Level Code
Drug Development   Graduate Diploma 5504
Drug Development   Graduate Certificate 7370
Drug Development   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9060
Forensic Mental Health   Graduate Diploma 5512
Forensic Mental Health   Graduate Certificate 7312
Forensic Mental Health   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9012
Health Administration   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8900
Health Management   Graduate Diploma 5509
Health Management   Graduate Certificate 7360
Health Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8901
Health Management (Ext)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8902
Int Pub Health/Pub Health   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9043
Int Pub Hlth/Hlth Mgmt   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9044
International Public Health   Graduate Diploma 5567
International Public Health   Graduate Certificate 7367
International Public Health   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9048
Paediatrics   Graduate Diploma 5500
Pharmaceutical Medicine   Graduate Diploma 5511
Public Health   Graduate Diploma 5507
Public Health   Graduate Certificate 7368
Public Health   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9045
Public Health (Extn)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9046
Public Health/HealthManagement   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9047
Reproductive Medicine   Graduate Diploma 5508
Reproductive Medicine   Graduate Certificate 7379
Reproductive Medicine   Masters Degree (Coursework) 9065

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Faculty of Science 

Program Title Award Level Code
Applied Science   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8047
Aviation   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8738
Aviation (Flying)   Graduate Diploma 5536
Aviation Management   Graduate Diploma 5678
Aviation Management   Graduate Certificate 7449
Biochem & Molecular Genetics   Graduate Diploma 5345
Biological Science   Graduate Diploma 5350
Biopharmaceuticals   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8049
Biostatistics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8751
Biotechnology   Graduate Diploma 5015
Biotechnology   Graduate Certificate 7425
Biotechnology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8048
Chem Analysis & Lab Management   Graduate Certificate 7428
Chemical Analysis & Lab Mngt   Graduate Diploma 5648
Chemical Analysis & Lab Mngt   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8708
Chemistry   Graduate Diploma 5647
Chemistry   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8770
Community Eye Health   Graduate Diploma 5666
Community Eye Health   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8761
Conservation Biology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8745
Engineering Materials   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8065
Engineering Materials   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8715
Environmental Management   Graduate Diploma 5499
Environmental Management   Graduate Certificate 7339
Environmental Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8619
Eye Research and Technology   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8765
Financial Mathematics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8161
Geographic Information Systems   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8711
Graduate Optometry   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8760
Groundwater Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8702
Marine Science & Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8270
Mathematics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8718
Mathematics and Statistics   Graduate Diploma 5659
Mathematics and Statistics   Graduate Certificate 7659
Microbiology and Immunology   Graduate Diploma 5355
Ocular Therapeutics   Graduate Certificate 7436
Optoelectronics and Photonics   Graduate Diploma 5662
Optoelectronics and Photonics   Graduate Certificate 7432
Optoelectronics and Photonics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8722
Optometry   Graduate Diploma 5523
Optometry   Graduate Diploma 5665
Optometry   Graduate Certificate 7435
P/G Qual Coursework (Science)   Postgraduate Qualifying Prog. 6590
Physics (Research)   Graduate Diploma 5533
Physics Research Techniques   Graduate Diploma 5663
Psychology   Graduate Diploma 5330
Psychology (Clinical)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8256
Psychology (Forensic)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8257
Psychology (Organisational)   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8258
Remote Sensing   Graduate Diploma 5653
Remote Sensing   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8713
Spatial Information   Graduate Diploma 5693
Spatial Information   Graduate Certificate 7714
Spatial Information   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8714
Statistics   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8750

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University College 

Program Title Award Level Code
Arts   Graduate Diploma 5855
Arts   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8175
Arts/Philosophy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8691
Business   Graduate Diploma 5377
Business   Graduate Certificate 7366
Business   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8388
Capability Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8399
Defence Studies/Philosophy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8692
Engineering Science   Graduate Diploma 5889
Engineering Science   Graduate Certificate 7387
Engineering Science   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8569
Engineering Science/Philosophy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8693
Information Technology   Doctorate by coursework 9920
Management Studies   Graduate Diploma 5823
Management Studies   Graduate Certificate 7383
Management Studies   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8398
Project Management   Graduate Diploma 5595
Project Management   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8595
Science   Graduate Diploma 5882
Science   Graduate Certificate 7382
Science   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8562
Science/Philosophy   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8694
Systems Engineering   Graduate Diploma 5867
Systems Engineering   Masters Degree (Coursework) 8567

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