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School of Computer Science and Engineering

Courses by Subject Area
Computer Science
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COMP4001 Object-Oriented Software Development 6
COMP4121 Advanced and Parallel Algorithms 6
COMP4141 Theory of Computation 6
COMP4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification 6
COMP4411 Experimental Robotics 6
COMP4418 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 6
COMP4431 Game Design Workshop 6
COMP4432 Game Design Studio 6
COMP6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search 6
COMP6721 (In-)Formal Methods: The Lost Art 6
COMP6731 Geometric and Graph Theoretic Data Processing 6
COMP6741 Parameterized and Exact Computation 6
COMP6752 Modelling Concurrent Systems 6
COMP6771 Advanced C++ Programming 6
COMP9018 Advanced Graphics 6
COMP9020 Foundations of Computer Science 6
COMP9021 Principles of Programming 6
COMP9024 Data Structures and Algorithms 6
COMP9032 Microprocessors and Interfacing 6
COMP9041 Software Construction: Techniques and Tools 6
COMP9101 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 6
COMP9102 Programming Languages and Compilers 6
COMP9151 Foundations of Concurrency 6
COMP9153 Algorithmic Verification 6
COMP9161 Concepts of Programming Languages 6
COMP9171 Object-Oriented Programming 6
COMP9181 Language-based Software Safety 6
COMP9201 Operating Systems 6
COMP9211 Computer Architecture 6
COMP9222 Digital Circuits and Systems 6
COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems 6
COMP9243 Distributed Systems 6
COMP9283 Extended Operating Systems 6
COMP9311 Database Systems 6
COMP9315 Database Systems Implementation 6
COMP9318 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 6
COMP9319 Web Data Compression and Search 6
COMP9321 Web Applications Engineering 6
COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures 6
COMP9323 e-Enterprise Project 6
COMP9331 Computer Networks and Applications 6
COMP9332 Network Routing and Switching 6
COMP9333 Advanced Computer Networks 6
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks 6
COMP9335 Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks 6
COMP9336 Mobile Data Networking 6
COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence 6
COMP9415 Computer Graphics 6
COMP9417 Machine Learning and Data Mining 6
COMP9431 Robotic Software Architecture 6
COMP9441 Security Engineering 6
COMP9444 Neural Networks 6
COMP9447 Security Engineering Workshop 6
COMP9511 Human Computer Interaction 6
COMP9517 Computer Vision 6
COMP9596 Research Project - 12 units of credit 12
COMP9801 Extended Design & Analysis of Algorithms 6
COMP9814 Extended Artificial Intelligence 6
COMP9844 Extended Neural Networks 6
COMP9945 Research Project 18

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