Courses by Subject Area

Faculty of Art & Design

Courses by Subject Area
Art and Design
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ADAD0201 Graphics and Contemporary Society 6
ADAD0202 Design, Interactivity and Emerging Media 6
ADAD0203 Collaboration and Visual Communication in Graphic Design 6
ADAD0205 Curating Art and Exhibitions 6
ADAD0207 Textiles: Tradition and Contemporary Technology 6
ADAD0208 Fashion 1980 - Now 6
ADAD0209 Cross-Cultural Sculpture 6
ADAD0210 Visual Identity in the Built Environment 6
ADAD0211 Print Advertising for a World Market 6
ADAD0212 Textiles for Interiors - Senses and Spaces 6
ADAD0214 Creative Thinking Processes 6
ADAD0215 Society Through the Lens 6
ADAD0218 Experiencing and Understanding Art 6
ADAD0220 Spatial Design: Retail, Exhibition and Hospitality 6
ADAD0221 Draw Your World 6
ADAD0222 Unravelling Urban Design 6
ADAD0223 Visualising the Past 6
ADAD0225 Creative Character Design 6
ADAD0226 Digital Animation using Flash 6
ADAD0228 Making Digital Holograms 6
ADAD1001 Studio Gateway 1 6
ADAD1002 Studio Gateway 2 6
ADAD1100 Communication in Art, Design and Media 6
ADAD2400 Interactive Tactical Systems 6
ADAD2402 Tangible and Embodied Interactions 6
ADAD3114 Research Foundations in Art and Design 6
ADAD3400 Interactive Installation 6
ADAD3402 Interactive Generative Visualisations 6
ADAD4000 Professional Experience Project A 6
ADAD4001 Professional Experience Project B 6
ADAD4010 Honours Research Project A 12
ADAD4011 Honours Research Project B 18

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School of Art & Design

Courses by Subject Area
Art and Design
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ADAD2405 Creative Thinking Processes 6
ADAD2406 Creative Experimentation 6

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