Courses by Subject Area

School of Economics

Courses by Subject Area
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 6
ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1 6
ECON1107 Elements of Environmental Economics 6
ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics 6
ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics 6
ECON1401 Economic Perspectives 6
ECON2101 Microeconomics 2 6
ECON2102 Macroeconomics 2 6
ECON2103 Business and Government 6
ECON2104 Applied Macroeconomics 6
ECON2107 Modern Labour Markets: Theory and Policy 6
ECON2111 Introduction to Economic Development 6
ECON2112 Game Theory and Business Strategy 6
ECON2126 Principles of Experimental & Behavioural Economics 6
ECON2127 Environmental Economics 6
ECON2206 Introductory Econometrics 6
ECON2209 Business Forecasting 6
ECON2313 Australian Economic Development 6
ECON2322 European Economic Development 6
ECON3101 Markets and Frictions 6
ECON3104 International Macroeconomics 6
ECON3106 Politics and Economics 6
ECON3107 Economics of Finance 6
ECON3109 Economic Growth, Technology and Structural Change 6
ECON3110 Development Economics 6
ECON3114 Superannuation and Retirement Benefits 6
ECON3116 International Trade Theory and Policy 6
ECON3117 Retirement Saving and Spending over the Lifecycle 6
ECON3119 Political Economy of Capitalism 6
ECON3121 Managerial Economics 6
ECON3123 Organisational Economics 6
ECON3124 Behavioural Economics 6
ECON3125 Economics of Human Capital 6
ECON3130 Real Estate Economics and Public Policy 6
ECON3202 Mathematical Economics 6
ECON3203 Econometric Theory and Methods 6
ECON3206 Financial Econometrics 6
ECON3208 Applied Econometric Methods 6
ECON3209 Statistics for Econometrics 6
ECON4100 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis 6
ECON4101 International Trade 6
ECON4102 Strategic Market Behaviour and Government Regulation 6
ECON4103 Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis 6
ECON4104 Economics of Labour Markets 6
ECON4106 Policy Evaluation Methods 6
ECON4124 Thesis (Business Economics) 12
ECON4125 Thesis (Econometrics) 12
ECON4127 Thesis (Economics) 12
ECON4129 Thesis Research Methods in Economics 6
ECON4201 Applied Macroeconometrics 6
ECON4202 Advanced Econometric Theory and Methods 6
ECON4205 Microeconometric Modelling 6
ECON4208 Applied Econometric Methods 6
ECON4306 Environmental Economics 6
ECON4307 Health Economics 6
ECON4309 Economic Measurement 6
ECON4310 Advanced Experimental & Behavioural Economics 6
ECON4350 Special Topics in Economics 6

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