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Faculty of Law

Courses by Subject Area
General Education - Faculty of Law
Code Course Title Units of Credit
GENL0231 Law in the Information Age 2.0 6
GENL0250 Sport, Law and Society in Australia 6
GENL0251 Sport and Law in the Western World 6
GENL0252 Sport and International Diplomacy 6
GENL1021 World Religions 6
GENL1022 Women and Religion 6
GENL1062 Understanding Human Rights 6
GENL1063 Terror and Religion 6
GENL1070 International Tourism: Customs, Codes and Conventions 6
GENL2015 The World of Work 6
GENL2021 Introduction to the Australian Legal System 6
GENL2022 Law and Contemporary Issues 6
GENL2032 Cyberspace Law 2.0 6
GENL2323 Owning Creativity: Issues in Intellectual Property 6
GENL2456 Innovation Law and Policy 6
GENL5021 Business Law Basics 6

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