Courses by Subject Area

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Courses by Subject Area
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MGMT0011 International Business:Australia & South East Asia 6
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations & People 6
MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment 6
MGMT2001 Managing Innovation and Organisational Change 6
MGMT2002 Managing Business Communication 6
MGMT2010 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 6
MGMT2101 International Business and Multinational Operation 6
MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures 6
MGMT2105 East Asian Business Enterprise 6
MGMT2106 Comparative Management Systems 6
MGMT2200 Critical Thinking and Analysis 6
MGMT2704 Social Organisation of Work 6
MGMT2705 Industrial Relations 6
MGMT2718 Human Resource Management 6
MGMT2721 Managing People 6
MGMT2724 Health and Safety at Work 6
MGMT2725 Career Management 6
MGMT2726 Business Ethics and Sustainability 6
MGMT3001 Business and Corporate Strategy 6
MGMT3003 Global Entrepreneurship 6
MGMT3101 International Business Strategy 6
MGMT3102 Asia-Pacific Business 6
MGMT3110 Intergrative Seminar in Global Business 6
MGMT3701 Legal Aspects of Employment 6
MGMT3702 International Human Resource Management 6
MGMT3708 Research Skills 6
MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills 6
MGMT3724 Strategic Human Resource Management 6
MGMT3728 Managing Pay and Performance 6
MGMT3729 Managing Workplace Training 6
MGMT4101 Contemporary Research Topic 6
MGMT4103 New Research in Organisation & Management 6
MGMT4104 Contemporary Research Topic 6
MGMT4500 Research Thesis A in International Businesss 12
MGMT4501 Research Thesis B in International Business 12
MGMT4738 Thesis (Human Resource Management) 12
MGMT4739 Thesis B (Human Resource Management) 12
MGMT4750 Management 4 (Honours) F/T 12
MGMT4751 Management 4 (Honours) P/T 12

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