Courses by Subject Area

School of Psychology

Courses by Subject Area
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PSYC1001 Psychology 1A 6
PSYC1011 Psychology 1B 6
PSYC1021 Introduction to Psychological Applications 6
PSYC1022 The Psychology of Addiction 6
PSYC1023 Abnormal Psychology 6
PSYC1024 Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress 6
PSYC1025 Psychology of Work 6
PSYC1026 The Psychobiology of Sex, Love and Attraction 6
PSYC1027 Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and Corrections 6
PSYC1031 Psychological Science of Resilience 6
PSYC1111 Measuring Mind and Behaviour 6
PSYC2001 Research Methods 2 6
PSYC2061 Social and Developmental Psychology 6
PSYC2071 Perception and Cognition 6
PSYC2081 Learning and Physiological Psychology 6
PSYC2101 Assessment, Personality & Psychopathology 6
PSYC3001 Research Methods 3 6
PSYC3011 Research and Applications of Psychology 6
PSYC3051 Physiological Psychology 6
PSYC3121 Social Psychology 6
PSYC3141 Behaviour in Organisations 6
PSYC3211 Cognitive Science 6
PSYC3221 Vision and Brain 6
PSYC3241 Psychobiology of Memory and Motivation 6
PSYC3301 Psychology and Law 6
PSYC3311 Language and Cognition 6
PSYC3331 Health Psychology 6
PSYC3341 Developmental Psychology 6
PSYC3361 Psychology Research Internship 6
PSYC3371 Multivariate Data Analysis for Psychology 6
PSYC4053 Psychology 4A 24
PSYC4063 Psychology 4B 24
PSYC4073 Honours Research Project A 12
PSYC4083 Honours Research Project B 18
PSYC4093 Psychology 4A 12
PSYC4103 Psychology 4B 6
PSYC4111 Psychology and Statistics for Optometry 6

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