Courses by Subject Area

Faculty of Art & Design

Courses by Subject Area
Art History
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SAHT2700 Post-Pornographic Bodies 6

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School of Art & Design

Courses by Subject Area
Art History
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SAHT1101 Contemporary Creative Practices: Contexts 6
SAHT1102 Contemporary Creative Practices: Methods 6
SAHT1211 Theories of the Image 6
SAHT1212 Theories of Art History and Culture 6
SAHT1221 Contexts for Art 6
SAHT2001 Writing as Practice 6
SAHT2111 Sensing the Arts 6
SAHT2211 Eurocentred Visions: Race, Sex and Power in Art 6
SAHT2212 Art and Cultural Difference 6
SAHT2213 Memory and Self 6
SAHT2214 Approaches to Australian Art 6
SAHT2215 Theories of Colour in Art, Design and Culture 6
SAHT2221 Writing for Publication 6
SAHT2223 Modern Art Exhibitions and French Imperialism 6
SAHT2225 Irrational Modernism: Decadence, Deviance, Madness 6
SAHT2227 Fashion, Dress, and the Early Modern 6
SAHT2228 Mad Love: Surrealisms and their Legacies 6
SAHT2301 Design History, Theory and Aesthetics 2 6
SAHT2403 Indigenous Design and the Everyday 6
SAHT2404 Modern Latin American Art 6
SAHT2405 The Last 40 Years of Painting 6
SAHT2406 Convict to Contemporary: Australian design history 6
SAHT2407 Rendering Data: Visualising in Media, Art and Design 6
SAHT2601 Cultures of Ancient Art 6
SAHT2606 The Painting of Modern Life: French and English Painting in Focus 6
SAHT2612 Theories and Practices of Cross-Disciplinary Art 6
SAHT2626 Right Here Right Now: Aboriginal art since 1984 6
SAHT2633 Peripheral Visions: The Ethnographic Camera 6
SAHT2641 Modern Aesthetics: From the Enlightenment to the 21st Century 6
SAHT2642 Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body 6
SAHT2643 Pornography, Art and Politics 6
SAHT2644 Psychoanalysis and Art 6
SAHT2655 Manipulated Moving Images 6
SAHT2661 Experimental Film and Video since the 1960s 6
SAHT2663 Avant-Garde Cinema: 1900-1950 6
SAHT2667 After Modern Sculpture: Installation, Structures and Space 6
SAHT2668 Photography's Histories 6
SAHT2679 Critical Images in Cultural Conflict: Local and Global Contexts 6
SAHT2680 Abstraction: from Kandinsky to Minimalism 6
SAHT2681 Peripheral Visions: Outsider Art, History & Theory 6
SAHT2682 Fashion, Modernity and the City 6
SAHT3131 Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia-Pacific 6
SAHT3211 Art in the 21st Century 6
SAHT3212 Art and Everyday Life 6
SAHT3213 Museum Studies: Exhibitions, Collections and Material Culture 6
SAHT3215 Spectacular Bodies in Art, Science & Medicine 6
SAHT3216 Affect in Art and Design 6
SAHT3217 Socially Engaged Art 6
SAHT3220 Modern Paris and Modernism 6
SAHT3223 Aboriginal Art, Language and Culture 6
SAHT3301 Design History, Theory and Aesthetics 3 6
SAHT3613 Digital Theory and Aesthetics 6
SAHT3614 Screen Culture 6
SAHT3666 Speculative Futures: Time and Temporality in Art and Design 6
SAHT3669 Critical Theories of Photography 6
SAHT3690 Special Project 6
SAHT4211 Thesis A 12
SAHT4212 Honours Seminar 6
SAHT4213 Thesis B 24
SAHT6700 World Biennales: Field Trip 6
SAHT6725 The Last 40 Years of Painting 6

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