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Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic
Div. Registrar & Deputy Princi
Faculty of Art & Design
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Faculty of Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Science
UNSW Business School
UNSW Canberra at ADFA

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic 

Program Title Award Level Code
Indigenous Studies   Doctorate 1110

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Div. Registrar & Deputy Princi 

Program Title Award Level Code
Cotutelle   Doctorate 1001

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Faculty of Art & Design 

Program Title Award Level Code
Art, Design and Media (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2267
Fine Arts   Masters Degree (Research) 2245
PhD Art, Design and Media   Doctorate 1292

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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 

Program Title Award Level Code
Arts   Masters Degree (Research) 2353
Creative Practice   Doctorate 1273
Education   Doctorate 1970
Education   Masters Degree (Research) 2354
Educational Leadership   Masters Degree (Research) 2355
Humanities   Doctorate 1271
Music   Masters Degree (Research) 2356
Music Education   Masters Degree (Research) 2357
Public Policy Governance PrDoc   Doctorate 1746
Social Science   Masters Degree (Research) 2358
Social Sciences   Doctorate 1272
Social Work   Masters Degree (Research) 2970
Social Work (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1744

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Faculty of Built Environment 

Program Title Award Level Code
Built Environment   Doctorate 1120
Built Environment   Masters Degree (Research) 2240
Built Environment (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2222
Built Environment Practice PhD   Doctorate 1122
Landscape Architecture   Masters Degree (Research) 2220
Town Planning   Masters Degree (Research) 2230

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Faculty of Engineering 

Program Title Award Level Code
Biomedical Engineering   Doctorate 1710
Chemical Engineering   Doctorate 1010
Civil & Environmental Eng   Doctorate 1630
Computer Science and Eng   Doctorate 1650
Electrical Engineering   Doctorate 1640
Engineering (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2645
Food Science and Technology   Doctorate 1031
Geospatial Engineering   Doctorate 1682
Industrial Chemistry   Doctorate 1016
Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng   Doctorate 1662
Mining Engineering   Doctorate 1050
Petroleum Engineering   Doctorate 1017
Photov & Renewable Energy Eng   Doctorate 1655
Surveying & Spatial Info Sys   Doctorate 1681

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Faculty of Law 

Program Title Award Level Code
Juridical Science (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1740
Law   Doctorate 1730
Law   Masters Degree (Research) 2440

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Faculty of Medicine 

Program Title Award Level Code
Anatomy   Doctor of Medical Science 0420
Anatomy   Doctorate 1750
Anatomy   Masters Degree (Research) 2800
Children's Cancer   Doctorate 1825
Community Medicine   Masters Degree (Research) 2810
Forensic Mental Health (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2712
Health Administration   Masters Degree (Research) 2960
Health Professions Education   Masters Degree (Research) 2885
Kirby Institute   Doctorate 1774
Medical Education   Doctorate 1841
Medical Education   Doctorate 1851
Medicine   Masters Degree (Research) 2515
Medicine (Kirby)   Masters Degree (Research) 2771
Medicine (POW Clinical School)   Doctor of Medical Science 0350
Medicine (POW Clinical School)   Masters Degree (Research) 2820
Medicine (Prince Henry/POW)   Doctorate 1770
Medicine (St George Clin Schl)   Doctorate 1772
Medicine (St George Clin Schl)   Masters Degree (Research) 2822
Medicine (St Vincent's Cl Sch)   Doctor of Medical Science 0353
Medicine (St Vincent's Cl Sch)   Doctorate 1773
Medicine (St Vincent's Cl Sch)   Masters Degree (Research) 2823
Medicine (St.G & Suth Clin Sc)   Doctor of Medical Science 0352
Medicine (SWS Clinical School)   Doctor of Medical Science 0351
Medicine (SWS Clinical School)   Doctorate 1771
Medicine (SWS Clinical School)   Masters Degree (Research) 2821
Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Doctor of Medical Science 0380
Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Doctorate 1820
Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Masters Degree (Research) 2830
Paediatrics   Doctor of Medical Science 0410
Paediatrics   Doctorate 1830
Paediatrics   Masters Degree (Research) 2805
Pathology   Doctor of Medical Science 0360
Pathology   Doctorate 1780
Pathology   Masters Degree (Research) 2840
Physiology and Pharmacology   Doctor of Medical Science 0370
Physiology and Pharmacology   Doctorate 1790
Physiology and Pharmacology   Masters Degree (Research) 2850
Psychiatry   Doctor of Medical Science 0390
Psychiatry   Doctorate 1800
Psychiatry   Masters Degree (Research) 2880
Psychiatry and Pathology   Doctorate 0440
Public Health   Masters Degree (Research) 2845
Public Health & Community Med   Doctorate 1835
Public Health (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2713
Public Health (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1836
Rural Health   Doctor of Medical Science 0375
Rural Health   Doctorate 1795
Rural Health   Masters Degree (Research) 2835
Surgery (POW Clinical School)   Doctorate 1810
Surgery (POW)   Masters Degree (Research) 2860
Surgery (St George Clin Schl)   Doctorate 1812
Surgery (St George Clin Schl)   Masters Degree (Research) 2862
Surgery (St George Clin Schl)   Masters Degree (Research) 2877
Surgery (St Vincent's Cl Sch)   Doctorate 1813
Surgery (St Vincent's Cl Sch)   Masters Degree (Research) 2863
Surgery (SWS Clinical School)   Doctor of Medical Science 0401
Surgery (SWS Clinical School)   Doctorate 1811
Surgery (SWS Clinical School)   Masters Degree (Research) 2861
Surgery (SWS Clinical School)   Masters Degree (Research) 2876

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Faculty of Science 

Program Title Award Level Code
Applied Geology   Masters Degree (Research) 2000
Aviation   Doctorate 1900
Aviation   Masters Degree (Research) 2905
Biochem & Molecular Genetics   Doctorate 1410
Biochem & Molecular Genetics   Masters Degree (Research) 2460
Biological Science   Doctorate 1435
Biological Science   Masters Degree (Research) 2485
Biotechnology   Doctorate 1036
Biotechnology   Masters Degree (Research) 2036
Chemistry   Doctorate 1870
Chemistry   Masters Degree (Research) 2910
Climate Science   Doctorate 1476
Climate Sciences   Masters Degree (Research) 2476
Clinical Rsch Optometry PrDoc   Doctorate 1747
Environmental Management   Doctorate 1425
Geography   Doctorate 1080
Geography   Masters Degree (Research) 2040
Geology   Doctorate 1000
Materials Sc and Engineering   Doctorate 1045
Materials Sc and Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2055
Materials Sc and Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2175
Mathematics   Doctorate 1880
Mathematics   Masters Degree (Research) 2920
Microbiology and Immunology   Doctorate 1440
Microbiology and Immunology   Masters Degree (Research) 2490
Optometry   Doctorate 1860
Optometry   Masters Degree (Research) 2900
Physics   Doctorate 1890
Physics   Masters Degree (Research) 2930
Psychology   Doctorate 1400
Psychology   Masters Degree (Research) 2450
Psychology (Clinical)   Doctorate 1404
Psychology (Forensic)   Doctorate 1405
Science (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2475
Vision Science   Doctorate 1487
Vision Science   Masters Degree (Research) 2487

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UNSW Business School 

Program Title Award Level Code
Accounting   Doctorate 1521
Actuarial Studies   Doctorate 1545
Banking and Finance   Doctorate 1561
Commerce & Economics (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2585
Economics   Doctorate 1540
Information Systems   Doctorate 1525
Marketing   Doctorate 1550
Organisation and Management   Doctorate 1605
Taxation and Business Law   Doctorate 1535

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UNSW Canberra at ADFA 

Program Title Award Level Code
Aero, Civil & Mech Eng (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2227
Aerospace Engineering   Doctorate 1663
Aerospace Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2693
Arts   Masters Degree (Research) 2406
Business   Masters Degree (Research) 2223
Business (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2226
Chemistry   Doctorate 1871
Chemistry   Masters Degree (Research) 2911
Civil Engineering   Doctorate 1631
Civil Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2651
Computer Science   Doctorate 1885
Computer Science   Masters Degree (Research) 2925
Cyber Security   Doctorate 1749
Cyber Security (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1748
Economics and Management   Doctorate 1541
Electrical Engineering   Doctorate 1643
Electrical Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2663
English   Doctorate 1201
Geography   Doctorate 1081
Geography   Masters Degree (Research) 2041
History   Doctorate 1241
Humanities & Soc Sci (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2225
Info Tech & Elec Eng (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2228
Information Technology (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1743
International & Pol. Studies   Doctorate 1321
Mathematics & Statistics   Doctorate 1881
Mathematics & Statistics   Masters Degree (Research) 2921
Mechanical Engineering   Doctorate 1661
Mechanical Engineering   Masters Degree (Research) 2691
Oceanography   Doctorate 1082
Oceanography   Masters Degree (Research) 2042
Phys, Env & Math Sci (MPhil)   Masters Degree (Research) 2229
Physics   Doctorate 1892
Physics   Masters Degree (Research) 2931
Project Management   Doctorate 1615
Project Management (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1742
Public Leadership (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1751
Public Management (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1739
Southeast Asian Social Inquiry   Doctorate 1203
Systems Engineering   Doctorate 1620
Systems Engineering (PrDoc)   Doctorate 1741

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