Architecture and Building

The science and techniques involved in designing, constructing, maintaining public, commercial, industrial and residential structures and landscapes.

Business and Management

The theory and practice of decision making and strategic analysis, organisational development, planning and financial management and financing.

Creative Arts

Creating and performing works of art, music, dance, drama, clothing design creation and the communication of messages through a variety of media.


An understanding of the methods, techniques and processes of teaching and learning in preschools, schools, tertiary institutions & informal settings.

Engineering and Related Technologies

The design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and functioning of machines, products, systems and structures.

Environmental and Related Studies

The interaction between people and the environment and the application of scientific knowledge to protect it from deterioration.


Maintaining and restoring the physical and mental wellbeing of humans. Identifying, treating, controlling and preventing injury and diseases.

Humanities and Law

Human behaviour and interaction, beliefs, values, cultural expression, social structure, organisation and the rules that govern behaviour.

Information Technology

The study or use of computer and telecommunication systems for processing, storing, and transmitting information.

Natural and Physical Sciences

The study of all living organisms and inanimate natural objects, through experiment, observation and deduction.

DVC (Academic) Board of Studies

Offering University pathways for mature age and Indigenous students, to enable them to achieve their highest potential.

Faculty of Art & Design

One of the world's leading art and design schools, with an outstanding record for producing critically acclaimed artists, designers & media creators.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Combining outstanding teaching and research with a commitment to community engagement, social impact and an international perspective.

Faculty of Built Environment

Learn the skills to analyse, challenge and rethink the 21st century city. Discover how city elements change through design, finance and politics.

Faculty of Engineering

Offering 60 years of excellence in developing socially engaged engineers, developing new technologies and solutioning problems of global relevance.

Faculty of Law

A leader in progressive and rigorous legal education. Inspired by principles of justice, we study law in action and make a difference in this world.

Faculty of Medicine

Translating discoveries into breakthrough cures, therapies into treatment strategies, students into professionals improving healthcare globally.

Faculty of Science

Discover and describe the world around you through experimentation and observation. Balance theory and practical experience to foster career goals.

UNSW Business School

Australia's leading Business School, creating the next generation of business thinkers, change-makers and entrepreneurs.

UNSW Canberra at ADFA

UNSW Canberra graduates shape Australia, the region and the international community as leaders in defence, government, and industry.

UNSW Global

Providing the best preparation for success at UNSW, through a range of services to students.

ACCT: Accounting

ACTL: Actuarial Studies

ADAD: Art and Design

AERO: Aerospace Engineering

ANAT: Anatomy

ARCH: Architecture

ARTS: Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Humanities

ATSI: Nura Gili (Indigenous Programs)

AVEN: Aviation

AVIA: Aviation

AVIF: Aviation

AVIG: Aviation

BABS: Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences

BEES: Biological, Earth & Environmental Science

BEIL: BE Interdisciplinary Learning

BENV: Built Environment

BINF: Bioinformatics

BIOC: Biochemistry

BIOM: Biomedical Engineering

BIOS: Biological Science

BIOT: Biotechnology

BLDG: Building

CDEV: Career Development

CEIC: Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry

CHEM: Chemistry

CHEN: Chemical Engineering

CLIM: Climate Science

CODE: Computational Design

COMD: Development Studies

COMM: Commerce

COMP: Computer Science

CONS: Construction Management

CRIM: Criminology

CRTV: Creative practice

CVEN: Civil and Environmental Engineering

DATA: Data Science

DESN: Design Next

DPBS: Global Diploma - Business

DPGE: Global Diploma - General Education

DPST: Global Diploma - STEM

ECON: Economics

EDST: Education Studies

ELEC: Electrical Engineering

ENGG: Engineering interdisciplinary

ENVS: Environmental Studies

FINS: Finance

FOOD: Food Technology

GBAT: Business Technology

GENC: UNSW Business School

GENE: General Education - Faculty of Engineering

GENL: General Education - Faculty of Law

GENM: General Education - Faculty of Medicine

GENS: General Education - Faculty of Science

GENY: General Education - Student Academic and Career Success

GEOL: Geology

GEOS: Geoscience

GMAT: Surveying & Spatial Information Systems

GSBE: Architecture

GSOE: Engineering

HDAT: Health Data Science

HESC: Health and Exercise Science

HUML: Humanities and Languages

HUMS: Humanities

IDES: Industrial Design

IEST: Institute of Environmental Studies

INDC: Industrial Chemistry

INFS: Information Systems

INOV: Innovation

INST: International Studies

INTA: Interior Architecture

JURD: Juris Doctor

LAND: Landscape Architecture


LING: Linguistics

MANF: Manufacturing Engineering

MARK: Marketing

MATH: Mathematics

MATS: Materials Science and Engineering

MBAX: Management

MDCN: Medicine

MDIA: Media

MECH: Mechanical Engineering

MERE: Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering

MFAC: Medicine

MFIN: Finance

MGMT: Management

MICR: Microbiology

MINE: Mining Engineering

MMAN: Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

MNGT: Management

MNNG: Mining

MODL: Modern Language Studies

MSCI: Marine Science

MTRN: Mechatronic Engineering

MUPS: Urban Policy and Strategy

MUSC: Music

NANO: Nanotechnology

NAVL: Naval Architecture

NCHR: HIV Social Research

NEUR: Neuroscience

OPTM: Optometry

PATH: Pathology

PHAR: Pharmacology

PHCM: Public Health and Community Medicine

PHOP: Public Health Offshore Program

PHSL: Physiology

PHTN: Photonics

PHYS: Physics

PLAN: Planning and Urban Development

POLS: Political Science

POLY: Polymer Science

PSCY: Psychiatry

PSYC: Psychology

PTRL: Petroleum Engineering

REGZ: Registrar's Division

REST: Real Estate

RISK: Risk Management

SAHT: Art History


SCIF: Faculty of Science

SDES: Design Studies

SENG: Software Engineering

SERV: Services Marketing - Tourism and Hospitality

SLSP: Social Science and Policy

SOCF: Social Work

SOCW: Social Work

SOLA: Photovoltaics and Solar Energy

SOMA: Media Arts

SOMS: Medical Science

SOSS: Social Sciences

SPRC: Social Policy

SRAP: Social Research and Policy

STAM: Arts and Media

SUSD: Sustainable Development

SWCH: Women & Children's Health

TABL: Taxation and Business Law

TELE: Telecommunications

UDES: Urban Development Studies

VISN: Vision Science

YCAN: Engineering & Information Technology

YMED: Arizona State University Medicine

ZBUS: Business

ZEIT: Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

ZGEN: University College General Education

ZHSS: Humanities & Social Sciences

ZINT: University College (Interdisciplinary)

ZPEM: Physical, Environmental & Mathematical Sciences