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This course aims to provide a variety of reference material to enable students with limited aviation experience to develop an understanding of Air Traffic Management (ATM) practises and issues, while at the same remaining interesting and relevant for those students with greater experience.  Because of the spread of student aviation experience, a great deal of background reading material is provided as the course aims to be interesting, challenging and equally enjoyable for all. By obtaining a full understanding of the ATM dimension, a holistic view on the aviation industry and the dependencies of the different stakeholders will be enabled. Students will obtain an understanding of the global ATM system, which has also been termed the ‘world’s most complex socio-technological system’. Assessments are based on real world or simulated real world situations and allow students to demonstrate their understanding of Air Traffic management issues. Student assessment is designed to reflect the learning outcomes, and meaningful and timely feedback will be provided on coursework. Application of the learned concepts in real-time scenarios and creativity in finding ways of solving problems will be awarded.


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Term 2



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Fully online

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