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The project involves an original investigation to determine answers to questions that are relevant and useful to development in some areas of aviation. The start of research project therefore is the formulation of a solid main research question. In order to be able to answer the main research question, sub research questions can be formulated. For example: a main research question can be “What is the impact of long distance low cost carriers on the development of the network of full service carriers”. Subresearch questions can be “What is the definition of a long distance low cost carrier”, “What carriers offer a long distance low cost service”, “What is the typical business model of a long distance low cost carrier” etc. In the research project finding answers to these sub-research questions allows the student to answer the main research question. The project should be significant and of substantive depth (so as to be equivalent to 1/8 of a year's academic work, and typically that is required for each of the postgraduate course work courses, i.e. 100 hours). It may involve researching aspects of the student's employment organizational functions, or some other area of aviation interest.

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