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Are you interested to understand why there is a rich world and there is a poor world? What type of socio-economic and environmental policies can be identified and implemented to address some of these development challenges? In this course, you will critically engage with several of the 'big issues' concerning international development policy and highlights the link between ideas, policy and the reality of development with an emphasis on the challenges facing local communities in developing countries.  The course blends theories of development with the rapidly expanding discipline of public policy to enable you to examine and explain the rate, form and patterns of socio-economic and environmental development challenges and opportunities. You will explore the influences upon this patterning and the response by local communities, state organisations and other institutions. The course will also include engagement with several sectoral policy issues on sustainable development such as participation, urban poverty, food security, equity, climate change and disasters.

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Term 1, Term 2



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Partially online

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