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Geotechnical features of geological environments including igneous, volcanic, metamorphic, sedimentary and carbonate. Geological structure and environmental effects including; stress, valley bulging, tectonic setting, glaciation, weathering and alteration; and Holocene geology. Geomorphology, the surface expression of the underlying geology and geological processes. Total geology and geotechnical engineering models. Planning of site investigations and the parameters required, drilling, trenching and in-situ permeability of soil and rock. In-situ testing of soil, including SPT, CPT, piezocone, vane shear. Laboratory testing of soil including triaxial, direct shear and ring shear. Field instrumentation for pore pressure and displacement. Geotechnical mapping. Geological, structural, geotechnical, geomorphological, air photo, specialised vector maps and landslides.
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