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This is a specialist course that focuses on advanced marketing strategy and strategic customer management. It integrates knowledge of market and competitor analysis with strategic business considerations, to achieve superior performance in sales growth, market share and profit contribution. Topics include: organisational strategy; strategic marketing planning; value proposition development; defensive strategies; competitive and life-cycle strategies at the level of the business unit; marketing portfolio analysis, diversification and differentiation; social, ethical, technological and global issues as they impact on marketing performance. The course will include topics that will assist managers to manage and segment their market appropriately, to identify target markets, and to best reach those markets. Topics include: strategic customer management, key frameworks in strategic marketing, key concepts in marketing relationships, value proposition deconstruction, acquisition and retention strategies, co-creation strategy, stakeholder management, customer relationships, performance assessments, and integrating corporate strategy, business unit strategy and marketing strategy. This is an advanced marketing course with an emphasis on techniques to help market managers understand marketing from a strategic perspective.

Exclusions: MARK6017, MARK6024

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Term 3



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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: MARK5700 or MARK5800 or Enrolment in program 7414 or 8423

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