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The Graduation Studio in the Masters of Architecture Program is run over two terms; the first term is the
Research Studio where students develop the intellectual inquiry and research that defines their project, along
with their initial architectural proposals. The second term accommodates the Major Design Studio where
students develop this into a comprehensively resolved architecture project.

In the Research Studio students select from a series of design elective options each offering a specific
architectural proposition allied with the program streams, namely: Architecture + High Performance
Technology, Architecture + Housing, Architecture + Social Agency, and Architecture + Urban Conditions.
Emphasis is placed on theoretical research, exploration, speculation and analysis aimed at a conscious
framing of an architectural position. An ability to select appropriate architectural strategies, representation
methods, computational instruments and technical solutions will be pursued. Studio-based programs guide
the definition of a conceptual architectural proposal that describes the parameters and architectural ambitions
of individual projects. The proposal will be developed to a comprehensive level of resolution in ARCH7202:
Major Design Studio.

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