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Advanced Thesis is a research-based course that provides an opportunity for students to bring together engineering principles learned through academic study and professional experience at an advanced level. Students apply these principles to innovatively solve problems such as the development of a specific design, process and/or the investigation of a hypothesis.

The project a student undertakes must be a complex, open-ended problem that allows room for creativity, and the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of results. There must be multiple possible solutions or conclusions at the outset and sufficient complexity to require a degree of project planning from the student.

The thesis requires the student to become critically conversant in the academic and professional literature on a particular topic, formulate problems in engineering terms, manage an engineering project and find solutions by applying engineering methods. Students are expected to understand how their project fits within the discipline and broader societal context. Students also develop their ability to work in a research and development environment.

This course allows students to spend an entire teaching period working solely on their thesis project. It is often used by students wishing to do their project entirely in industry. Students may only enroll in this course with the approval of the specialisation authority and with the agreement of a UNSW academic supervisor.

Students required to take 24 UOC of Research Core could also take GSOE9010 or GSOE9011 before taking CEIC9005.

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Term 1, Term 2, Term 3



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Fully online

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