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Computability: formal languages and problems, Turing Machines (TMs), computability, (semi-)decidability, universal TMs, Church-Turing thesis, halting problem, reduction and undecidability proofs, examples; Complexity: run time, space, complexity classes, non-determinism and NP, polynomial reductions and NP completeness, optimisation problems and approximation, randomisation; Languages and Automata: regular expressions and languages, finite automata, determinisation, context-free grammars and languages (CFLs), Chomsky normal form, word problems, pumping lemma, push-down automata, decidability problems for CFLs; Semantics and Correctness: while programs, assertions and program correctness, Hoare logic, loops and loop invariants, relative completeness of Hoare logic (and its role in a proof of Gödel's incompleteness result)

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