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Real-time operating systems and processes: Concurrent processes. Multitasking and multithreading. Interrupts. Foreground/background systems. Context switching. Types of real-time kernels. Scheduling. Static and Dynamic scheduling. Rate-monotonic and Deadline-driven scheduling. Priority inversion, the priority inheritance and priority ceiling protocols. Markov Models. Inter-process communication and memory management: Data buffering. Shared memory. Global memory. Critical regions. Semaphores. Mutual exclusion. Message passing. Memory allocation. Coding practices. Real-time embedded system design: process specification. Q-models. State machines and systems of state machines. Date representation. Numerical issues. Assembly language and C. Input/output programming. Device drivers. The implications of using limimted resources. Implementation: Microcontrollers. The Mitsubishi M16C/62 and Motorola MC68HC11 microcontrollers. RTLinux.
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