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Basic concept of geodesy, fundamentals of positioning, Cartesian and geodetic coordinate systems and datums for spatial information applications, including mathematical conversions between geodetic, Cartesian and topocentric coordinate systems, basic ellipsoid geometry, and transformations between national and international datums. Orthometric and ellipsoid height systems, and geoid models for height transformations. Principles and classifications of map projections and the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection in particular. Emphasis on Australian datums and projections: AGD/AMG, GDA/MGA and AHD. Fundamentals of Global Navigation Satellite Systems and their applications in geopositioning. Introduction to principles of geopositioning using GPS techniques. Geo-referencing of space/airborne and land-based spatial information acquisition systems. Lectures complemented with class dicussions,lab.computations,and field exercises in the use of GPS equipment.

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