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The aim of the course is to equip students with an understanding of technical legal matters and broader issues that arise in the relationship between Indigenous peoples, their own legal systems and non-Indigenous law. This is a survey course, an opportunity to develop students' knowledge and understanding of a range of Indigenous legal issues, and it addresses both international and domestic law. The course looks at property rights, constitutional arrangements, criminal justice, the position of children and families, intellectual property and human rights, amongst other issues. In other words, it builds on students' general knowledge from a number of compulsory courses and may also complement other electives in a student's program.

Main Topics

  • History, Law and Government Policies
  • Customary Law
  • International Law and Human Rights
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Territorial Issues, particularly Land Rights and Native Title
  • Criminal Justice
  • Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property
  • Child Welfare and Family Violence
  • Unfinished Business and Constitutional Change
Faculty Faculty of Law
Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 2



Indicative contact hours


Course Outline

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