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There are so many distinctive Chinese characteristics in the corporate and securities laws which foreigners will find very interesting and sometimes puzzling. Recognizing the growing importance of China in the new world economy, this course is developed to addresses an area of both academic and practical importance. It will provide students with an opportunity to study selected issues of corporate and securities laws in greater detail than can be covered in the typical introductory Chinese law course. The course examines the Chinese law by comparison primarily with its Australian counterpart.

Main Topics

  • Introduction and China at a glance
  • The Chinese legal system
  • Chinese financial markets and regulatory framework
  • Incorporation and Corporate personality
  • Foreign investment enterprises
  • Corporate governance: an overview and assessment
  • Directors' duties and independent directors
  • Bankruptcy laws
  • Fundraising and Disclosure regime
  • Market manipulation and insider trading
  • Takeover (1): the overall framework
  • Takeover (2): takeover offers and Anti-frustration rules
  • Takeover (3): Chinese M&A by foreigners
Faculty Faculty of Law
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Offering Terms

Term 1



Delivery Mode

Fully on-site

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