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This course will examine the principal issues concerning organisations composed of states. These include the legal status and powers of organisations, membership and participation, norm-creation, dispute settlement, enforcement of decisions, peace and security activities, and the organisations’ privileges and immunities. It will also address such contemporary problems as the creation of an international criminal court, the “succession” of Russia to the USSR’s seat on the UN Security Council, the response to the break-up of Yugoslavia, the new strategic concept of NATO, the jurisdictional issues in the Lockerbie-case, peacekeeping after an “Agenda for Peace”, the success of the WTO dispute settlement, and the question of responsibility of international organisations. Primary consideration will be given to the development of the United Nations. Other universal and regional organisations will also be dealt with.

Main Topics

  • Basic conceptes of the law of international organisations
  • Participation in and internal structures of international organisations
  • Rule-making by international organisations
  • Dispute settlement through international organisations
  • Enforcement of decisions by international organisations
  • Peace and security activities
  • Peacekeeping and UN administration of territory
  • International organisations and national legal systems - accountability issues
Faculty Faculty of Law
Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 2



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Course Outline

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