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This course has been designed to give postgraduate students an overview of intellectual property in the international context. It will cover some of the fundamental principles governing the international regulation of intellectual property, including a study of the content and operation of major international agreements. It will also explore the role of intellectual property as a tool of world trade and assess the dispute settlement procedures under the WTO TRIPS Agreement. In addition, it will assess the role and impact of global industry and non-governmental organisations in shaping intellectual property policy, as well as considering controversial issues such as the regulation of biotechnology, electronic commerce and the impact of intellectual property on the environment and human rights.

Main Topics

  • The international framework of intellectual property law: understanding relevant agreements and other instruments
  • The link between intellectual property and trade, development and human rights
  • WTO TRIPS jurisprudence
  • Current policy issues relating to international intellectual property¬†
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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: Academic Program must be either 9200 or 9201 or 9231.

Course Outline

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