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In this course, you will explore the patterns of spoken English. You will first examine the formation of sounds and the sounds that make up the English sound system. You will then build from single sounds to the combination of sounds into syllables and the role of syllables in English rhythm, that is, the melodic contour of sentences. You will also examine the construction of words from sounds and the combination of words into phrases and sentences. Finally, you will explore what takes place above the sounds, that is, accentuation and intonation in both formal and colloquial contexts. This course has applications for linguists who evaluate and annotate spoken language data in language/linguistics industries, interpreters working in multilingual settings with English speakers, teachers of English as a second language, and those who wish to know more about English phonetics and phonology.

Study Level


Offering Terms

Term 3



Delivery Mode

Fully on-site

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Conditions for Enrolment

Prerequisite: Enrolment in a postgraduate Applied Linguistics, Education (TESOL), Interpreting, Translation, or Translation and Interpreting program

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