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Advertising is one of marketing's key communication activities. In today’s data-rich environment, big data analytics, and information technology have increased the effectiveness of advertising dramatically.

This course will cover new technologies to (1) reach the customers being targeted, (2) measure the effect of ad, and (3) improve the delivery of ad content. It will also illustrate how the advance of data analytics makes it possible to analyse complex types (i.e. picture ad, video ad) of ad content using text, speech, picture, and video analytics. 

Students will exercise hands-on data analytics and then tackle real-world advertising problems. No prior knowledge of Python is needed because this course will go through Python step-by-step.

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Offering Terms

Term 2



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Conditions for Enrolment

Pre-requisite: (COMM5005 or COMM5011 or ECON5248) OR (in program 8543, 8338, 8621 or 5659). If students can demonstrate equivalent statistics knowledge, but haven't met the listed pre-requisites, they can seek permission by submitting an online form.

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