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Theories of fracture; failure modes. Ductile, brittle fracture. Mechanics of crack propagation, arrest. Measurement of static fracture properties. Fatigue crack initiation, propagation. Engineering aspects of fatigue.


This course is an advanced course in the mechanics of solids. The course introduces the students to the terminology, principles, methods and practice used to safeguard structures against fracture and fatigue failures. In particular, the course teaches students to perform “damage tolerance analysis” of structures that are pertinent in design of advanced structures such as aerospace, naval, automobile structural components.


The first aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the influence of cracks and flaws on the performance of structural materials subject to mechanical loads. The second aim of this course is learn how to quantitatively predict and prevent the failure of materials that contain cracks or flaws. 

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Term 3



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Fully on-site

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