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This course is for postgraduate Masters coursework students to further extend their research capabilities with a mining industry collaborator, extending successful completion of the MINE8440 core research project. intended to develop the capability and requisite skills of an engineer to build a foundation of knowledge related to a particular problem in mining engineering. This research foundation provides a basis on which to design a solution that is robust and safe, cost effective and appropriate to the end-user.  

It is essential that this foundation reflects not only established thinking and practices but equally important, it should account for divergent and newly developing views as well as any limitations or weaknesses that underpin current understanding. The quality of the engineering solution is therefore a function of the quality and timing to complete this investigation; an investigation that forms part of a process known as research.

The research scope of this course is to significantly extend any previous industry research that has been undertaken by the student and/or others including two or more of the following categories: site or laboratory testing; related numerical modelling; comprehensive cost-benefit or geostatistical analysis; extension of constitutive theory.

On completion of this course, a student should be capable of preparing:

  • a conference paper
  • an examiners copy of thesis, and final corrected thesis submission

With permission from the School, and consistent with Program rules, this course can be extended in combination with MINE8690 to produce a significantly more comprehensive research and thesis. 

 Note: Industry support is essential for this research project. Students need to have written evidence of industry support and/or agreement of an academic supervisor in the School in order to complete the course requirements. Please contact the School if more information is required.

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Term 2



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