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This course provides an overview of the main policy instruments and evaluation methods used for implementing urban policy. This course builds on the knowledge and skills gathered in Strategic Policy Tools, but has a specific focus on implementation. The intention of the course is two-fold. In the first instance the course provides students with a tool-kit of policy instruments to translate urban strategy into tangible programs and outcomes. Students are introduced to an array of tools across four broad categories: (1) regulatory and legal tools, (2) financial and economic tools, (3) governance and management tools, and (4) communication tools. For each of the tools, the course instructs students on when and how they should be deployed and examines issues that may arise in their practical application. The second aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the methods used to evaluate and assess the success of urban policy programs, including cost-benefit analysis, performance targets and benchmarking. The course will be delivered through lectures as well as seminars delivered by professionals who have had experience in implementation of urban policy. At the end of the course students will participate in a group policy project where they will be required to develop an implementation strategy using the policy tools and assessment methods used in the course.

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Currently enrolled in program 8313, 5313 or 7313 Urban Policy and Strategy

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