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The program is intended for students who have completed a degree in Mathematics or Statistics, or a Science degree with a major in mathematics or statistics, and who wish to further their knowledge of mathematical sciences. The program offers intensive, high-level training in principles of mathematical sciences. In particular, the program will develop their research and analytic skills, and substantially broaden the knowledge gained from their prior studies. This program will equip students with a range of skills demanded by todays employers, and will provide a means of obtaining the necessary preparation for further research in Mathematics.

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Program Structure

Students must complete 72 UOC as a standalone program.

1. 60 UOC of Coursework Courses

2. 12 UOC Supervised Research Project

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Electives description.

Students must take 60 UOC of the following courses.

Please Note: Students are allowed to take up to 18 UOC (3 courses) outside the School of Mathematics and Statistics provided that the courses are at postgraduate level and approved by the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.

Entry Requirements
Recognition of Prior Learning
Progression Requirements


Recognition of Achievement

Award with Excellence

Program Fees

At UNSW fees are generally charged at course level and therefore dependent upon individual enrolment and other factors such as student's residency status. For generic information on fees and additional expenses of UNSW programs, click on one of the following:

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