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This program allows students to undertake both a Master of Design (MDes) and a Master of Public Relations and Advertising (MPRA) over two and a half years, with students with appropriate background able to complete both degrees in two years.

This dual award provides graduates or those seeking to change careers both a professionally relevant, rigorous education in public relations and advertising and an industry-engaged, and professionally relevant education in design knowledge and skills. Increasingly PR and Advertising works with designers and design thinking, and designers are often working in the context of marketing and advertising.

These two degrees will equip you with the personal confidence and professional capabilities needed to move into creative leadership roles in freelance, project or design business contexts. As a student you will be challenged to and equipped to think critically and innovatively in your development of PR and advertising strategies and design and digital media practice. Both degrees merge contemporary theory and academic rigour with creativity, research, and practical industry skills, combining design creativity and rigorous research strategies.

The Master of Public Relations and Advertising and Master of Design dual award is ideal for industry professionals from advertising or design seeking to advance their career, as well as career-changers wanting to enter vibrant and rapidly evolving industries.
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Specialisation Structure

Students must complete 144 UOC.

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PR & Advertising Prescribed Electives

PR & Advertising Prescribed Electives description.

You must take up to a maximum of 30 UOC of the following courses.

If you complete both the Practice and Research Path, you must take only 12 UOC of prescribed PR & Advertising electives.

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