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The Information Technology stream in the Master of Information Technology program is the most flexible of all streams. It allows students to select courses in a very broad range of specialised areas and prepare them for positions in the IT industry. The stream also enables students to gain a good overview of the possible specialisations before nominating a specific stream to develop expertise in a particular field. 

This stream is particularly suited to professionals who seek higher positions and can devote one or two years in broadening their technical knowledge of the IT industry, before they return to their professional activities.

This stream is suitable for students who prefer maximum flexibility in the courses the select, and it is the default plan for all new enrolments in the program.

The aim of this stream is to provide students with a broad-based IT education, enabling them to work in a range of positions in the IT industry.

Advanced standing is possible in up to 50% of the stream. For details on Advanced Standing and Exemptions, see the 8543 Master of Information Technology program description.

Study Level


Minimum Units of Credit


Specialisation Type


Specialisation Structure

Students must complete 96 UOC.

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Disciplinary Electives

Disciplinary Electives description.

Students must take 60 UOC of the following courses.
Note: Students may choose up to two Level 4 or higher elective courses outside of the School of Computer Science and Engineering. These courses are listed under "Non-Computing Electives".

Non-Computing Electives

Non-Computing Electives description.

The following courses are outside the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and within the maximum 12 UOC Level 4 or higher elective courses outside of the CSE rule.

Advanced Discipinary Knowledge (ADK) Requirement

Advanced Discipinary Knowledge (ADK) Requirement description.

At least 36 UOC of Disciplinary Elective, Prescribed Elective and/or Non-Computing Elective courses chosen must be taken from the following Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge Course List.

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