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The internet is a collection of separate physical networks, interconnected by a common protocol, to form a single logical network. The internet is the substrate and chief communications backbone for the world wide web that provides for the flow of data between applications that may be geographically distributed. How can a network operator guarantee that its resources are utilised properly? How can the network guarantee that the users and applications receive a desired level of service? Are there better ways of designing/implementing protocols for communications? These non-trivial problems must be solved for successful internetworking.

The Internetworking stream is suitable for graduates with an interest in the field of networking. The stream prepares graduates for employment as network engineers, telecommunication and network software developers, research scientists, network administrators.

The Internetworking stream in the Graduate Diploma and Master of Information Technology programs exposes students to the building blocks of the internet, routing algorithms and switching techniques for new networking requirements with an emphasis on the next generation of internet architectures and protocols. Students will develop skills in performance analysis and capacity planning to cope with projected higher loads.
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Minimum Units of Credit


Specialisation Type


Specialisation Structure

Students must complete 96 UOC.

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Disciplinary Electives

Disciplinary Electives description.

Students must take 42 UOC of the following courses.
Note: With approval of program authority, students may choose up to two Level 4 or higher elective courses outside of the School of Computer Science and Engineering. These courses are listed under "Non-Computing Electives".

Advanced Discipinary Knowledge (ADK) Requirement

Advanced Discipinary Knowledge (ADK) Requirement description.

At least 36 UOC of Disciplinary Elective, Prescribed Elective and/or Non-Computing Elective courses chosen must be taken from the following Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge Course List.



The following courses are outside the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and may be taken with approval from the program authority and within the maximum 12 UOC Level 4 or higher elective courses outside of the CSE rule.

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